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A place to ask for or offer up career advice to those still trying to figure it out. Mentors on demand
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I took a mental health break a mo ago. Since I have came back a lot has changed, for the worse. Everything is an asap project, everything doesn’t have a budget (but billability goals) = burnout. Many … more

Hi everyone. I recently joined an agricultural sciences company at 115k. The company has a lot of turnover and employees overall have shared their distaste with benefits (they track attendance in the … more

Is it okay to accept a job and then quit after a month because you ended up getting a better offer from another company? And advice on how to tell the current company?

Anyone work at questrade or Wealthsimple and can comment on their company culture, outlook, and pay? I have interviews for both… more

Anybody take the leap and quit without another job? I have plenty of savings, just worried about finding the right job after a few months break. Would love to hear experiences good or bad.

Hello fishies! Is @ibm in freeze mode?

I recently made the switch from industry finance to consulting and I’m struggling to find my place within the role. I was brought on as a Sr.Associate and I feel like I’m not producing at the same lev… more

I have been struggling in my job search trying to get back into my desired industry, entertainment, after having to take a job in real estate during the pandemic. Similar roles just different industry… more

Does the addition of “(level) II” make a difference to anybody? I am the only marketing communications specialist for a lead child-welfare nonprofit. We oversee four counties in two circuits. Director… more

Is this new job DOA? I’ve been in my new role 6 weeks after interviewing extensively and getting 5 offers and thinking back on those offers I turned down. I picked this company bc I liked their produc… more

Been at company many years and rebuilt dysfunctional team into high performers while also driving huge metrics and impact. Recently interviewed for elevated role and CEO congratulated me and told me … more

Dont want to spread too much, but what do I do if I feel that I will be let go by my 90 days? I currently dont have anything lined up, but want any advice so I dont have a lapse in income, and can sta… more

Currently working at Perforce Software in Minneapolis as a writer making 70k. Was offered a job to be a writer at Amazon Alexa for 95k plus 11k sign on and shares.

Here’s the catch: the jo… more


Hi Fellow professionals,
I am eagerly looking for a job change but I don't want to limit myself to just Marketing (I have 3 years of experience in this field).
What are the other job o… more

Do you guys get random emails offering to discuss a possible position? I get many of these and I’m not sure if they are legit!
It’s usually the coo or ceo that emails which is kinda weird! Would … more

Hello folks,
I am eagerly looking for a job change but I don't want to limit myself to just Marketing (I have 3 years of experience in DM).
What are the other job options available for… more


I need some help and advice! I have a new intern from Europe and he is related to higher ups! He is very dismissive and overlooks anything I say, arguing thy he doesn’t agree with what I’m asking him … more

I just received a great offer, but accepting it would require me to give up a 4-week paid sabbatical that’s coming up in a month with my current employer. How can I negotiate a late start? For an L7, … more

What’s the best way to follow up on an job interview, if your first interviewer left for vacation right after the initial interview?
I found his email and sent a thank you letter, but don’t know … more

Questions about job hopping-
My average tenure at a company is ~1.5 years (with ~11 YOE), but each jump I've made has yielded progressive/tangible career growth.

I'm concerned … more

Over the last few months my job work load has increased to helping more teams and I have been brought on to be a major voice on a product transition (I am one of three non managers helping make the de… more

Hi all! Currently in the process of a career pivot and had a question. My current company wants me to come back for a two week project in August. Is this too big of an ask on a new employer if I reque… more

Job offer evaluation: role is brand strategy manager. Reporting to a director. I have 16 YoE but 10 of that in marketing (previous related in Journalism) Base $125k + equity and unlimited pto. Coming … more

What do you consider to be a “healthy” number of LinkedIn connections? 1) too low 2) too high 3) just right.

Looking for opportunities at Apple. Does anyone have any insight into how well they pay creative teams at Apple TV+? Looking at their Associate A/V Producer position.

I have been offered a lateral move within my company to a role I (believe) I will be more interested in that will suit my skills more. However, I’ve now been offered a promotion in my existing Role, a… more

Hi all, looking for advice on… well everything career related 😔 it’s the “great resignation” and people are moving on to better things all around me. I’ve been actively searching and interviewing for… more


I was offered a job with a pretty low salary than what I was expecting.. what’s the best way to get at least an 8% increase? How should I word it

I am thinking of leaving my stable full time job for a contract position (ongoing with no time frame) for a bigger raise (making an exra $20/hour) with a large tech company. I'll still get benef… more

So back in July I went out for a new position at my small company that was rapidly expanding (Account Manager). Was notified that I didn't get the full promotion but was told instead that I was st… more

Is asking for a raise at a company I’ve been at for 6 months to soon? I believe the work I’ve been doing is worth more than what I’m making now

Really want to get a job a particular company that’s actively hiring for a remote team. Should I try to network my way in or just make the best application possible and hope for the best?

Applying to some roles at Spotify (business analyst, does anyone have any tips to stand out?

Recently, i was "promoted" or, I should say, my title was changed to the next ring up the ladder. As a part of this, I went from reporting to Senior Management, to Junior Management. The J… more

Currently making $75k, which is very low compared to my counterparts. However, in February I’m supposed to get a salary adjustment with my yearly review. I got a job offer for $120k-150k which I turne… more

Does anybody here work as a Digital Asset Management Coordinator/Lead? I’m thinking of transitioning from graphics where I have managed assets for innumerable projects and would be interested to learn… more

Not career advice, but life advice:

You get what you pay for with cruises. If you want to be surrounded by white trash, go with Carnival.

Writing on behalf of my BF: is 28 too old to switch careers? Honest answers only!

Just got let go from my second agency job in six months because of client budget cuts. Anyone got any advice for moving to client side??

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