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I’ve reached out to a few programs that offer Master’s in Nursing Informatics or Data Analysis. Is there a job market for either of these 2 degrees? I have to find a way out.", "lastMessageDate": "2022-08-12T01:17:24.779Z", "lastSign": "Case Management Nurse", "lastUpdateDate": "2022-08-12T01:17:24.779Z" }, "priority": 6, "type": 0, "shortName": "Healthcare", "divisions": [ { "_id": "5e77c5cd9fd727002a8e2fb1", "name": "Physician (MD)", "isLocked": false }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f62", "name": "Physician (DO)", "isLocked": false }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f61", "name": "Physician Assistant (PA)", "isLocked": false }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f60", "name": "Nurse Practitioner (NP)", "isLocked": false }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f5f", "name": "Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)", "isLocked": false, "skipNpi": true }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f5e", "name": "Nurse Midwife (CNM)", "isLocked": false, "skipNpi": true }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f5d", "name": "Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)", "isLocked": false, "skipNpi": true }, { "_id": "5e7848c76c54cd00218d2f5c", "name": "Nurse (RN)", "isLocked": false, 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RN here for 14 years. Bedside for 11 years. A little OR, critical care, Med-Surg. Did Case Mgmt and now doing Concurrent Review. I need a job that pays me above 95K and I started doing my NP in Psych … more


What’s a good starting hourly wage for a Cath lab technologist?

Thoughts on travel nursing demands in the next year or 2?


Hiring for director of revenue cycle! PM me for more details. This position is responsible for organizing, planning, directing activities of patient accounting/cash application departments. Develops, … more


Looking for info regarding Impel Neuropharmaceuticals: culture, work like balance, benefits … I’d love input from anyone who works/worked there.


I’m a national and state certified CPhT since 2010. I’ve worked retail, long term care and have been an IV admixture tech at an oncology clinic for 3 years now. I currently make $23/hr and found out n… more


Does anyone have any knowledge re: typical severance packages for NPs that are laid off?

I just got offered a position for a Care Coordinator position with Griswold Homecare! Has anyone ever worked here? What was your experience like?


8 years experience in Social Work. Have undergraduate degree in Sports Management and Masters in Social Work. Have taken the Licensing exam 3 times and failed.

Will be 31 in January and am… more


Based of socal. How’s everyone’s staffing in the surrounding areas and what’s your management doing to ease staffing? How’s your retention rates and what are you guys doing to keep the staff nurses ha… more


I have been in my current position for 5 yrs with minimal pay increases despite consistent praise from management for being one of the strongest in our department. I hold specialty certifications, sta… more


Working on my BHA and I’m interested in becoming a lisenced nursing home administrator in NY. Is the exam difficult?

Does anyone know any CROs hiring for CRAs for people who were former clinicians? Looking to make the jump to research.

What has everyone heard about Tpoxx so far? From my understanding, even though it's experimental for monkeypox, some of the doctors are pushing to get it covered for treatment but they need to sub… more

Ca 41510 Bay Area,Hi, hello hope everyone is having a successful day! Any suggestions on what a master scheduler should be making $$$/ surgery scheduler ) over 89% of surgeries are scheduled and co… more


How would you handle not getting a lunch break when you are a salaried employee treating patients for 40 hours a week? I don’t get documentation time either, but all notes are to be completed the same… more


I’ve been a registered nurse for about four years (ambulatory care & I loved it but felt like I missed something not being inpatient) and been a little lost. This past year has been terrible w/ jo… more

Can anyone help me with a referral to VNS Health?


I'm so happy to be raising my children in a decade when we've had breakouts of COVID, monkeypox, and polio. Hurray! Get your freaking vaccines, wash your hands, and keep your mouths to yoursel… more


What is the responsibility of an OB hospitalist to advocate for or against sterilization (specifically tubal litigation) if any? I had a very controversial experience with an OB that made me wonder ho… more


I have a BS in Kinesiology and an MBA in Healthcare Administration and have worked in neuro clinical testing for 17 years. I’m looking for a direction to be pointed in for a career change, ideally som… more


Hello all
I am a biology graduate. I worked in cancer research and development for more than two years. Recently moved to Canada, and now I'm wanting to transition into clinical research. more


Good Morning. I am a MSW health and mental health professional. I have worked in two hospitals and the community as a social services coordinator under a contract making 45K. Currently seeking full ti… more


Hi, I’m interviewing for Laboratory supervisor positions at ARUP in the Salt Lake City, UT area. I have less than 2 years supervisor experience and I would like to negotiate if I get any offers. What … more



Any healthcare administration roles or tech companies hiring entry level and provide training for specific positions?? Looking to be behind the scenes of things


How much is the starting pay for Registered Behavior Technician ?


Hello! I’m an lpn of 27 years . I have my license in PA and waiting for my flordia license . Looking for remote work with chronic care management, utilization review or LTC insurance groups . Any sug… more


I work for a contract SNF company in seattle and we have SO many OT positions open - is everyone else having the same struggle? Where are all the OTs? How are other companies managing?


Asking for an observation as part of interview process… I have 2 job offers, one in pediatric clinic and one in home health. Obviously they are very different but I can’t decide. I’ve never done home … more


What interview questions do United health group typically ask? How likely am I to get hired after the interview

Hello, I’m curious as to the best options for student loan repayment for a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best approach that makes the most … more



Anyone working as a clinical data specialist in texas and willing to share their salary? I feel like I’m being underpaid for my role and want to bring it up to my boss but have had a hard time finding… more

Has anyone gone from a registered dental hygienist into nursing or healthcare management? If so, how was the transition and is the pay scale any better than what you receive as an RDH?

Hi, I’m looking to switch into a medical information specialist or medical writing role from retail pharmacy - any suggestions for what’s the best way to prepare for this transition and be more market… more


Does anyone have experience with Viz.ai? I’m speaking with a recruiter and the reviews are a mixed bag so far. The posi… more

I am looking for a good remote telehealth job. I do not need full time hours or benefits. It can be 10-20 hours a week. Not psych. I have experience in all areas including telemedicine.


How do you get into toxicology work if you don’t have a PHD I have a masters but I’m struggling to find someone who will train me further for the role any advice?

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