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Offer questions and experiences related to personal finance and investments
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I bought 2 properties in 2018 and 2020, although the value has appreciated, but now isn’t really a good time to sell. Over the course of next 30 years, will there be a good time to sell?


Thoughts on AI-based retirement platforms like Betterment and how they compare to the standard, like Fidelity?


Thinking of buying a condo with boyfriend, all cash, he would contribute half and I would contribute half. We aren’t married. Has anyone else done this? Issues to be aware of?

I’m 29 making 70k with about 100,000 net worth. Rent an apartment and I have a 2010 Honda Insight that’s probably worth about 10k. How misguided would it be to sell my car and buy a 2013 tesla model S… more

Recently put 15k into my fidelity brokerage account and it’s sitting in the cash core position. For the life of me I can not figure out how to invest that money. When I go to buy it only displays my a… more

Can someone please explain to me what to do with your ESPP when you leave Accenture? Do I transfer it? Do I leave it? Do I sell it? I’m confused

Has anyone been able to split the mortgage monthly due amount into two payments done every two weeks? I tried but the bank told me that they can not apply the partial payment, they will wait for the s… more


I have 50K in my current account. Trying to figure out the best way to invest this.

Net Asset:
70K Retirement Saving (401K, IRA, HSA all in ETFs)
20K Emergency fund in HYSA
1… more


I sometimes feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t get investments and so can’t stop feeling I’m not ahead as I should be and that I will have to work a lot longer than I want and retire w… more

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What do you think of Robinhood vs traditional brokerage accounts?

Please recommend investment advisers to build a portfolio for myself and my wife, together we earn 280k and we are in early 30s and have a kid.

This bowl is rapidly closing in on 100k members, what should we do to celebrate?


Has anybody used SoFi checking/savings account before? They seem to have a pretty high APY and decent customer service but I'd really like to hear some firsthand experiences.

Struggling to find a cost efficient way to invest in sp500 from Europe. What are people using? Ie something similar to what Fidelity offers in US.

What APP to use to track net worth

Need some advices. I have an heloc that has an interest of 4.29% last month and now got increased to 6.54%. I am thinking to use balance transfer from credit card and lower the balance from 65k to 55k… more

Hi Fishers! Need you guidance on making the best use of 401K amount-

I have $42K in 401K and will be moving to India in Dec 2022 until my I-140 is approved. I am not sure when I will return… more


for those of you who earned over 200K with a bachelors degree or less in your late 20s, what do you do?

Have $50K to invest long term - what will give the most ROI? How would you invest it?

Over contributed to 401K this year. Can I withdraw the delta contribution (beyond the permissible limit)? What are the options?

I have 3mil in investment. If I can make 1k- 2k profits trading daily I would make my current salary. Is that a valid strategy, am I being optimistic on making that much trading daily? What am I not c… more

For AMEX Platinum, how do I earn the 5x on points booked for flights? Do I need to book through the portal or can I just book directly with Alaska and I’ll automatically get the points?


Met Mike Pence unexpectedly tonight. Can he stand a chance w/ either DJT or DeSantis?


I have a bunch of credit cards and there’s a few that I haven’t used for years. Will it have any effect on my credit if I cancel them? If so, what kind of impact?


Looking at buying an investment property but nervous about the risk associate. Any guard rails I should keep in mind to mitigate?


Moving from Canada to the US. Anyone have recommendations on best credit cards to apply for to start building credit and that either leverage Canadian credit or don’t require credit? Have heard Amex a… more

Withdraw you rather take a mortgage and invest the difference (price-downpayment), or buy cash and take out heloc and invest the cash? Thinking of a scenario where purchase timing is more imp skipping… more

Probably a noob question, but I would really appreciate insights here -

Self - Base - 200K - Annual Bonus - 24%
So - Base - 140K - Annual Bonus - 20%

We usually file our ta… more


Any tips on where I can invest 200k right now? Goal is long term wealth building and nothing much else. Country - US. Age - 26 (So I prefer to be agressive)


What is the VTSAX equivalent at TD Ameritrade? Looking to start investing my HSA funds.


529 or 401k or ibonds? I’m considering where to put my $10k right now. Got a 5 yr old and the vast majority of my assets are in 401k so I want to diversify but it’s hard to ignore the tax deduction be… more


I am looking to have my dad deposit - to my bank account - checks that are made out to me (basically instead me depositing the check to my bank account, he is the one depositing it). Does anyone know … more

Going to move in with my gf soon. How do non-married couples manage finances? Was thinking of opening a joint bank account where we each deposit our share of rent and other shared expenses.


Vanguard vs fidelity for personal brokerage? Why?


Is i series bond worth to buy right now?


Anyone fan for Cash flow Banking ? Any dos and donts or pointers to go for it

What did you do with your RSU’s after it vested? Did you keep it or was it sold and reinvest to another stock/fund/etf?

Is sending kids to private school worth it? Talking about 25k-30k per year. Living inside city where public school are average. Thinking of sending kid to international school with bilingual program (… more


As a lower class immigrant, it’s so interesting to see how differently people on this bowl perceive the value of money..


I have a daughter in high school. I noticed they are really emphasizing the importance of the ACT/SAT scores. I am curious if it really has anything to do with earnings. What was your ACT or SAT score… more

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