Hi, we’re Fishbowl, and these are our

Community Guidelines


Fishbowl’s mission is to make industries and companies more open and connected.
Every day professionals come to Fishbowl to discuss industry news and get career advice from colleagues and senior leadership in an open, positive and supportive environment.

Within organizations, senior leadership uses Fishbowl to build community and trust with their employees. Our community team and company actively promote honesty, positivity, and empathy to help achieve the mission of making companies and industries more open and connected.

Core Values


Fishbowl creates relatable experiences between professionals. Users verify their professional identity, industry, and their domain expertise which helps segment users within professionally relevant networks.


Every user is verified during the sign-up process, through their name, title, and place of employment – creating trust amongst users and context for conversations generated on the platform.


You spend one-third of your life at work (1/3rd of your life!). We believe that means you can connect with people who share your interests and identity through the unique perspective of your professional experience. There are thousands of bowls - communities started by others in your industry or related industries - that you can explore to form relationships and enhance your professional life.


Users can discover and socialize with a network of professionally relevant individuals across different types of communities. When posting, users have the option to share either their full identity, or if they prefer, only a portion of their verified identity, such as their place of employment or title. This flexibility allows you to discuss professionally-relevant, real-life situations in an open and honest way.


While Fishbowl is a fun and supportive community, it is also a place where professionals discuss very real situations, such as issues regarding compensation, challenging workplace circumstances, or opinions about companies. We do not tolerate instances of abuse, violent threats, slander, or rumors, which damage the trust that is the basis for Fishbowl’s communities.

Principle of Reciprocity

Seek to benefit the community, and you’ll benefit yourself.
What does this mean? Think about the community’s cause and interest when deciding what to post and comment. Share ideas that will resonate with other members at some higher level. If every Fishbowler uses this as a guiding principle, you can rest assured there will be someone there to answer your question when it arises.

Your Identity

We believe that identity is a powerful tool that can help drive productive and honest conversation, as well as facilitate meaningful relationships.
Like other social networks, discovering and sharing with other professionals requires being comfortable with allowing others to know you’re a member of the community. Your posts can be made privately using only your Company name or Professional title if you choose, but your presence on Fishbowl is public. Your private posts are not associated with your name and are secure.
Your private posts are not associated with your name and are secure.
Fishbowl is a place where you can have open and honest conversations about your industry or company, as well as connect with other professionals. No matter how you are looking to use Fishbowl, our privacy options will always safeguard the content you create.

Zero-Tolerance Standards

Fishbowl is a unique social platform where you can access an open network of professionals (you likely could not access elsewhere). The platform’s open network approach and privacy features are critical in achieving its mission of making companies and industries more open and connected.
With the help of its community, Fishbowl actively moderates content and suspends users who do not respect the professional nature of the network.
Content should always aim to be professional in nature and relevant to the bowl’s discussion.
In order to preserve the professional relevance and value of Fishbowl’s communities, content that includes the following will be automatically removed:
Contextually irrelevant product recommendations, product or job referral links

Repetitive content, or content that lacks context or is excessively personal (such as an issue related to your romantic life in a way that is not professionally related)

Abuses or targets other users, or is deliberately disrespectful

Directly attacks someone’s reputation

Excessively negative posts and comments that don’t generate a productive conversation

Trolling conversations by making deliberately provocative or abusive statements that derail discussions

Information deemed to be confidential or proprietary.

Content Review

Fishbowl is neutral towards expressions of opinions, except when those expressions violate or undermine our core community principles of Relevance, Openness, Accountability, Safety, and Connectivity, or our Zero Tolerance Standards.
We view abuse and harassment as a form of censorship - when you abuse someone online, you silence them through your speech. This is different from engaging disagreement, and we expect any member of the Fishbowl community to be able to discern the difference.
Our definition of trolling involves making deliberately provocative statements to elicit angry responses and derail discussions. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward this behavior.
Content on Fishbowl can be flagged for review by community members or our content moderation team and/or their automated tools.

Flag types include:

Slur or Offensive Stereotype

The content you are flagging is a word that is used as a slur toward a specific group of people. A stereotype is a statement that makes an assumption without basis about a specific group of people and is offensive.


The content you are flagging is an offensive statement that you think was made to deliberately hijack the feed or conversation.

Privacy Concern

The content you are flagging reveals either your identity or someone else’s in the community in a way that is unwanted or unwarranted.

Professionally Irrelevant or Spam

The content you are flagging is a contextually irrelevant product or service recommendation, product or job referral link, repetitive content, or content that lacks context or is excessively personal (such as an issue related to your romantic life).


The content you are flagging is aggressive, offensive, or goes after someone in a way that is malicious or deliberately disrespectful.

Excessive negativity not intended to be productive

The content you are flagging, in your opinion, cannot generate a productive or solutions-oriented conversation because it is excessively negative. It is ok to be critical, but all conversations should lead somewhere!

Safety concern

The content you are flagging shows that you think a member of the Fishbowl community is a danger to themself or others.


Every flag is reviewed by Fishbowl. Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to take the following actions:
Alerting you that you’ve been flagged and asking you to adjust your contributions to the community
The demotion of your content in the community to make it less likely that other users will see it
Removal of your flagged content
Temporary or permanent suspension of accounts
Removal of privileges from, or adding restrictions to, accounts
User dismissal from the community
Suspensions from Fishbowl can be indefinite or last a set time period depending on the severity of the offense or the number of offenses incurred. Repeated offenses or an egregious first offense can result in permanent or indefinite bans from the community.