Q&A with Technology Consulting Partners at Slalom Consulting and Deloitte

In the past few weeks, we have had professionals hosting Q&A’s within Fishbowl’s various community bowls. Q&A’s provide opportunities for professionals to ask questions and get new perspectives on industry topics they think about daily.

We had two Partners, Brian Specht at Slalom Consulting and Daniel Shum at Deloitte, host Q&A’s in our Technology/IT Consultants bowl.   

They made themselves available all day to answer any questions our community had relating to technology consulting and trends. We loved learning more about their experiences and wanted to highlight some of the great conversations that took place:

For starters, what is “digital transformation?”

BRIAN: My interpretation is that digital transformation is the leverage of technology to transform existing processes… I consider every project I have been on has been a digital transformation project. The teams I have worked with and led have designed and implemented some really cool and valuable systems that have made a direct impact to the bottom line of our clients and their customer’s experience.

I don’t have any dev/programming experience — can I still stand out as a technology consultant?

BRIAN: I don’t think programming/dev experience is the only valuable skill in tech consulting. In fact, a lot of my peers don’t have any dev experience! What we appear to have in common is the ability to see the big picture, provoke insights and drive delivery. Those skills can be honed in any number of ways.

What skill set and experiences led you to make Partner?

DANIEL: I believe there was a combination of factors that led to my promotion to Partner.

First, I was able to demonstrate that I had the skill set required to build a market.

Second, I was able to demonstrate that I could deliver our services with a high degree of quality.

Third, I demonstrated that I had the capabilities to develop and maintain client relationships at all levels. Finally, I demonstrated my ability to build a team of practitioners that would follow me to serve our clients.

How can this industry continue to create innovative opportunities for their employees?

DANIEL: Making sure our people are challenged with interesting and innovative work. We have implemented a number of programs to provide resources for new and interesting work, especially in Deloitte Digital. That being said we can only do new things to the extent that our clients are willing to buy these services. In the end, we are client driven and need to meet the needs of what clients ask of us.

What technology areas do you see the most growth in the next year?

BRIAN: I am especially excited to see the continued growth of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. Combining those areas with advanced analytics has the potential to shift markets and industries quicker than ever before. I suspect over the next 9-18 months, our clients will be asking for guidance and support as they see the need to adapt.


We want to thank Brian and Daniel for taking the time to answer questions from the Fishbowl community. Their knowledge and experiences have provided the Technology/IT Consultants bowl insight on important topics facing the industry today.  You can read more from Daniel’s Q&A here and Brian’s Q&A here

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