Teacher (Un)Appreciation Week: Three Ways Teachers Are Undervalued, As Told By Them

Fishbowl, the private social network for industry professionals, recently launched to the Education industry. Over the past few weeks, teachers from across the nation have been connecting through their shared experiences.

Quickly, Fishbowl has become a safe space to discuss topics such as best classroom management techniques, lesson planning, and even why teachers avoid the teacher’s lounge!

For Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s celebrate the impact our teachers have on our futures. With one caveat. Many conversations also reveal how undervalued teachers are by society and school administration.

Let’s support our teachers and highlight the other side of the story, acknowledging how UNappreciated teachers are.

Compensation: Needs to be Equivalent to Our Worth

Teachers are considered one of the most underpaid professions despite playing a pivotal role in helping to shape our next generation of leaders. Let’s hope teachers will find ways to unionize or be compensated for their actual worth moving forward.

Parental Leave: Seriously, Can We Get More Than One Day?

While the demand for fair and longer parental leave policies isn’t just an education industry specific issue, teachers get the short end of the stick in terms of any sort of accommodations.


Calling All School Districts: What You Can Do to Help

Being an advocate for teachers requires investing in them and recognizing their specific needs. Advocate for these perspectives next time they’re being proposed.



Are you a teacher looking to discuss topics like these with like-minded professionals in a safe space? Join Fishbowl and help pave the way for the future of the education industry.

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