Helping Teachers Become Homeowners – a Q&A with Landed

Low pay and long hours. 

These are two factors of life as a teacher that can sometimes make it tough to get ahead financially, especially if you want to own a home where you teach.

That’s why Fishbowl is excited to have Alex Lofton and Jess Zhao of Landed host a Q&A on homeownership for educators and how to get ahead financially as a teacher. 

Landed helps educators build financial security near the communities they serve by investing alongside teachers and school/college staff when they are ready to buy a home in expensive areas like Hawaii, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, and San Diego. 

Landed also provides educators with a homebuyer team (including our Landed Agent Network), financial coaching, and home-buying education.

Alex Lofton is Landed’s Co-Founder, and a proud product of Bellevue Public Schools in Washington state. Prior to starting Landed, Alex held leadership positions on Former President Obama’s campaigns and at various social mission and technology startups. 

Jess Zhao is Head of Customer Experience at Landed, where she spends her days working with home-buying teachers and school staff. Her experience spans stints in management consulting, the college completion world, and edtech.

We’re looking forward to the Q&A!

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