Had enough of Cannes? Join Candid Cannes on Fishbowl

No one who’s not at Cannes wants to hear about your trip to Cannes. So let’s indulge in a special bowl for people at Cannes, by people at Cannes.

For those who are curious tho, Fishbowl wants to spare you the generic statements and bland positive sentiments—and offer you Candid Cannes through the unfiltered perspective of your peers.

How it works: One key impression a day by the ad community. The good, the bad, the BS.

To kick it off, we will have 6 unique ad community voices at Cannes share their perspective daily—founders and side hustlers specialized in d&i, creativity, strategy, culture, feminism, and superior meme skills.

Join the founders of Mixed Company Podcast, The Pop Up Agency, Invisible Creatives, STRTGST, Cannes Lions “See It, Be It,” Where Are The Boss Ladies, and…Dong Draper.

While Dong Draper won’t be at Cannes this year, he’ll keep us in check, posting his satirical Cannes-related content so he can burst our bubble once in a while. Because we deserve it.

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And join us IRL! We’ll be hanging out at the Gutter Bar Monday between 5 and 7 pm. Or DM us in networking mode!

More about our contributors

Maddy Kramer, Invisible Creatives
As an ACD Art Director at Anomaly NY, Maddy is a serial side hustler activist. Her latest and greatest, Invisible Creatives, aims to provide agencies with women creatives “they can’t find.” Maddy is a Cannes Lions “See it, Be it” alum, a One Show & 3% Conference Next Creative leaders, and has last year been involved with the Tide ads. Other side hustles include Woman Card, a deck of cards highlighting trailblazing women, and The Most Beautiful Wall, a collection of Hispanic art that are digitally hanged at the border wall between Mexico and the United States in order to protest against Trump’s wall.

Maksimilian Kallhed, The Popup Agency
Maksimilian has a mission to democratize creativity and to break the stereotypes of who people consider ‘creatives’. And he believes this is first and foremost done through inclusion. In 2018 Maksimilian was listed as one of top 50 male advocates for equality in marketing and media, globally. With TPUA, Maksimilian has made a global footprint crossing over 55 countries working with a span of clients from governments, global brands and agency networks all of through who he is redefining the way we tap into creativity in business.

Kai Lawson, Mixed Company Podcast
Kai has a lifelong passion for culture and 8 years of experience in advertising, which inspires her to tell stories that shed light on the need for D&I in marketing and media. Her agency background led to the launch of Mixed Company Podcast and Mylifeofkai.com, where she is able to share her experiences in life, travel, and career, from the perspective of a millennial woman of color.  

Simeon Coker, Mixed Company Podcast
Simeon Coker is a freelance Associate Creative Director, Social Venture Founder, and Podcaster. After working at some of the top ad agencies as a copywriter, he co-founded the podcast ‘Mixed Company’ where he discusses diversity, equity, and inclusion in creative industries with his cohosts and industry leaders. In 2015, he founded Indigo & Pyrite to help agencies create measurable and sustainable solutions that foster diversity, inclusion, retention and professional development.

Tina Yip, Berlin CameronSTRTGST
Tina Yip is the Director of Marketing and Culture at Berlin Cameron. As a passionate go-getter and self-starter, she founded STRTGST, a community for people who think for a living, and co-host of 5to9, a podcast about the side hustle generation for people who make their bread in a 9 to 5 job, and fulfill their dream in a 5 to 9 hustle.

Senta Slingerland, City Shapers & See It, Be It
Senta helps creative companies with their brand and marketing strategy and curates industry events, books and reports for brands like Google, Facebook, Accenture Interactive, adidas, Cannes Lions and Mesa. Senta spent 8 years working as the Director of Brand Strategy at the Cannes Lions where she founded “See It, Be It” in 2013. She is the author of Game Changers (Taschen) on advertising and City Shapers: London (Lannoo) on innovators.

Mara Lecocq, Fishbowl & Where Are The Boss Ladies 
Mara Lecocq lets her conscience guide her career to make the ad world better for the disempowered. Mara founded WhereAreTheBossLadies, the largest database of women executive leaders in advertising, and has helped little girls see themselves as coders with the personalized children’s book Secret Code. Growing up in the Philippines, Mara previously built her career in Paris, Toronto, and New York as a creative director at AKQA, BETC Paris and 72andSunny/Sundae. Mara now leads Brand and Community at Fishbowl to drive positive change within the workplace.

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