Kat Gordon Wakes Up the Ad Industry With 3% Pledge

By Becky Brinkerhoff

This month, 3% Founder and CEO, Kat Gordon, logged into Fishbowl to discuss Pay Equity in Advertising.

If you don’t know Kat, you definitely should. She’s been called a “triple threat” of an entrepreneur, ad woman, and marketing to women expert. In 2016, she was named one of the 30 Most Creative Women in Advertising by Business Insider.

Kat’s agency life had shown her a lack of female creative directors. Her entrepreneurial life had shown her the undeniable power of the female consumer. After wondering why no one was addressing the galactic opportunity of taking female consumers seriously, Kat challenged her industry to wake up by launching The 3% Conference in 2012.

In case you didn’t follow along with her Fishbowl Q&A, here are some highlights.

What are the first steps to achieving equal pay?

Getting your agency on board with Equal Pay can seem like a huge undertaking. Here, Kat broke down some simple ways to get the conversation started. 



But won’t equal pay just lower ALL salaries?

A frequent concern was that companies will lower men’s salaries to match women’s as opposed to the other way around. Though this argument seems to be a way of scaring women into complacency, Kat had some thoughtful responses, including:

When it’s happening to you.

All of is this is much easier to talk about when we’re dealing in hypotheticals. A few posters shared personal experiences, asking for Kat’s take.



Don’t let freelancers get left behind.

We can’t forget about a whole subset of the industry: freelancers.

Wage equity is an important way to live company values, paying powerful dividends in employee trust, loyalty and engagement. On the other hand, pay inequality — or even its perception — takes a heavy toll on your talent’s engagement and loyalty. There is also evidence that pay disparity has a direct impact on a company’s recruitment and the ability to attract and retain clients.


Curious about getting your agency to take the pledge?

Learn more about how The 3% Movement and Fishbowl teamed up to advance pay equity in the advertising industry here. You may also download the report: Are We There Yet? The Road to Pay Equity in Advertising to learn more valuable insights and how to incorporate pay equity in your agency.

Want to get your agency to sign the pledge? Contact: amandaenayati@3percentconf.com

Written By Becky Brinkerhoff
Becky Brinkerhoff is a copywriter at Arnold Worldwide, based in Boston. She is primarily working on the Progressive account. After landing a gig live-tweeting The 3% Conference, Brinkerhoff joined The 3% Movement’s team as its social media manager and the editor of VOICES, the organization’s online magazine.

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