Classroom Management – a Q&A

Fostering an empathetic classroom environment is key when it comes to classroom participation and behavior, but can be tricky to navigate.

How can we manage with the ever-growing number of distractions? What resources are right for my classroom?

Fishbowl is happy to have educator Alyssa Nicol host a Q&A about what teachers can do to successfully manage their classrooms.

Alyssa is a Specialist for federal and state-funded early childhood programming serving the Greater Detroit area.

Her work as teacher, behavior consultant, and instructional coach with underrepresented districts in Cleveland and Detroit ignited her passion for supporting teachers and administrators in building resilient school communities.

She earned her Master of Education from Kent State University in Early Intervention Specialist in 2012 and has since worked with more than 400 schools and thousands of teachers throughout the US to build behavior support systems that work.

When Alyssa isn’t coaching, she loves hiking with her dog, baking bread, and playing the harp.

Check out the Q&A: https://joinfishbowl.com/bowl_3nhbd6

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