Maximize Your Classroom Funding – A Q&A with Monica Monfre

95% of K-12 teachers on Fishbowl say they have spent out of pocket for school supplies. Yet, there seems to be no effective way to solve this problem.

Last week, 12-year veteran educator, Monica Monfre, joined Fishbowl to discuss classroom funding strategies with thousands of educators from around the United States.

Monica Monfre has taught all levels of literature (including AP) and dance in both Washington DC and NYC (charters are her expertise). She works with teachers around the nation to reignite their passion for teaching so they can lead in and out of the classroom. When she’s not teaching or coaching, you can catch her on a yoga mat or walking her dog, Big Mac.

In case you didn’t follow along with her Fishbowl Q&A, here are some highlights.


Out of Pocket Spending

One of the biggest concerns for teachers is out of pockets spending. Many teachers are paying $800, $1400, or even $5000 of their hard-earned money each year on classroom supplies and other community needs. However, this could be a huge burden in addition to their low way and long hours.

To solve the problem, Monica shared many useful resources. 

Facebook groups, Amazon wishlist, are some of the top resources Monica recommended based on her years of experience.


How to Apply For Grant?

In addition to reaching out by themselves, many teachers decide to apply for an educational grant. Here, Monica also had some great advice to share with her fellow educators:


The Ideal Environment

If there is no financial burden, many teachers respond that they would love to have tablets, playground equipment, flexible seating options, etc. for all students.


As one of the low pay & long hours groups, many teachers are hoping for a change in the policy. Recently, one of the Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders announced his future policy for teachers’ salary on Twitter:

His opinion has sparked heated debate within the teachers’ community. 


What’s your take on classroom funding? What do others think? Be sure to check out Fishbowl’s Classroom Funding Strategies Q&A to discuss with fellow educators.

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