Helping Teachers With Student Loans – a Q&A


Low salaries, and a lot of student loans. This is the reality for too many teachers.

In fact, more than 60% of teachers have student loans.

Fishbowl is excited to have Will Sealy and Paul Joo of Summer host a workshop on managing your student loans as a teacher.

Summer is a company that specializes in helping teachers manage their student loans.

In a world in which people with loans have little-to-no support, and with plenty of misleading information on the internet, Summer provides clear and customized algorithm-based student loan repayment guidance for teachers, and helps them submit forms online.

Will is Summer’s CEO, and previously served as a student loan policy expert at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the federal regulator of the student loan industry. He is a

Paul, a lawyer, is Summer’s COO, and has extensive experience working on regulated industries, focusing on the intersection of law and business in the realm of financial technology.

You can check out the workshop here: https://joinfishbowl.com/bowl_espq4k

Make sure to spread the word!

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