, The Rise of Values-Driven Companies – a Q&A with Matt Rivitz

The Rise of Values-Driven Companies – a Q&A with Matt Rivitz

, The Rise of Values-Driven Companies – a Q&A with Matt Rivitz


How can we end racism, bigotry, and harassment online?

What if the answer is by empowering brands to recognize where their ad dollars are going creating a more transparent advertising system?

Matt Rivitz started Sleeping Giants in 2016 after discovering that incendiary rhetoric online was being funded by advertising dollars from unsuspecting corporations because of opaque advertising systems.

He will be hosting a Q&A on Fishbowl on Thursday, August 8 to discuss the important concept of Brand Safety and what professionals can do to make the industries they work in more values-driven.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has ever wondered how their work can make a difference in the world.

Over the last two and a half years, the campaign’s purpose has expanded well beyond ad tech into brand safety in all media, asking advertisers to align their corporate values with their ad placements.

This has led to dozens of corporations severing ties with TV shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight that have long records of pushing divisive, racist and sexist views.

It has also been successful in getting social media platforms and payment processors to finally enforce their Terms of Service on accounts like Alex Jones’ Infowars, which had numerous violations involving harassment, conspiracy theories and white supremacy as well as getting institutional investors to sever ties with Renaissance Technologies, whose co-CEO had been funding white supremacists.

Matt was named one of 23 industry leaders fixing digital advertising by Business Insider and a Digiday Changemaker in 2017

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