Edelman Careers, Edelman Careers: What You Need to Know

Edelman Careers: What You Need to Know

Edelman Careers, Edelman Careers: What You Need to Know
“Edelman Careers”-Fishbowl

Edelman careers span a wide range of roles and they are in various locations around the world. If you want to work in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Asia you could do so in an Edelman job.

What kind of jobs are available?

Edelman has approximately 6,000 employees and at any given point there may be over one hundred openings.

Here are some of the typical career roles:

Associate Research Analyst

Digital Account Supervisor

Media Executive

Social Art Director

VP of Digital
VP of Crisis

Account Executive, Health

VP of Brand

SEO Associate

VP of Employee Experience


IT Project Manager

Account Supervisor

Research Manager

UX Designer

Why would I want an Edelman career?

Edelman is a top-ranked communications/PR firm, one that has been in business for decades.

According to the Homes Report, Edelman ranked no. 1 for global PR agencies in 2018 based on 2017 fee income with a little over $893,000,000. Weber Shandick was no.2 for that year with about $800,000,000. It’s very understandable that people are attracted to the most successful organizations in their fields. They want the prestige, income and work opportunities. Not all professionals want to compete at the highest level, but at Edelman and the other top 10 firms many do. The competition between the top-performing firms can be fierce because of the money and power at stake. If you are able to land a position at Edelman it would very likely help you develop your career and build your professional network. Having Edelman on your resume would probably also make your resume stand out when you apply elsewhere.

What does Edelman do?

Edelman is an international communications firm which was founded in 1952 by Dan Edelman in Chicago. The firm’s mission is, “To provide public relations counsel and strategic communications services which enable our clients to build strong relationships, and to influence attitudes and behaviors in a complex world.”

Their operating principles are honesty, transparency, fair dealing, business activities align with stakeholder interests, and not violating legal obligations.

It was reported recently that Edelman has expanded the number of employees involved in creativity and planning by 600 which is about 10% of the total headcount.

In 2019, Edelman also hired its first global chief creative officer, Judy John. “Judy believes in earned creative that is social by design, fast enough to suit the news cycle and helps to spark movements. Our goal isn’t to do traditional advertising because earned creative, which allows consumers to carry the story forward themselves, is the new frontier,” wrote on it’s website.

How could I get a job at Edelman?

Because Edelman is a top-rated firm it can afford to be very selective. When you consider applying to such an organization it would be beneficial to study the listings in the careers section of their website and see how well your interests and background match the relevant openings.

Due to the firm’s hiring selectively it might be a good idea to approach your interactions with Edelman with extra patience because the process might take longer than at some other employers.

To increase your chances, it would be better to do some networking before you apply. Look on LinkedIn to see if any of your contacts work at Edelman and if so, reach out to them. Try to have a phone call or maybe even an in-person meeting. Let them know the role you are interested in. If you don’t have any LinkedIn connections at the firm, see if Edelman has recruiters listed on the site. If they do, try messaging them to start a relationship. In fact, carefully and slowly building these kinds of connections through personal interactions can improve your chances.

If you notice Edelman hosts any kind of event in our area or is presenting at a conference and you are able to attend it might be worth going and trying to meet their employees just to establish some contact. (If you are active on social media try following their accounts and reading their updates to stay current on their activities.)

If you approach your relationship in a measured sequence of events like first contact, second contact, etc. it might be less stressful and create a simple path to follow.

Networking might seem like a pain or too much work and sometimes it is not the most pleasant task. The alternative is submitting online applications that may receive no response because each one has hundreds of applicants.

Another channel to use for networking is to download and use our app because we have over 1,500 Edelman employees currently utilizing it. You can ask questions about interviewing, salaries, benefits, layoffs and so on. Perhaps more to the point about getting an interview you can ask for a referral from someone on the inside. In this case, it would help to know exactly what role you are wanting and reference it in your communications.

In fact, about 40% of advertising agency employees use Fishbowl to discuss workplace issues and industry trends. This group includes employees at Edelman, Ogilvy, Havas, SapientRazorfish, FCB, R/GA, McCann, Leo Burnett, BBDO, Grey, and Publicis.

Edelman careers may be the focus of your job search — if you use our app you may notice other more enticing opportunities at other top communications/PR and advertising firms.

What about internships?

Edelman offers internships as a way to enter into the communications and public relations field. If you are a college or university student the firm has a summer internship program. New York, San Francisco and Chicago are typical summer internship locations. The internships are paid and last about 10 weeks.

What is the firm’s history?

Starting with just three employees, Edelman was managing 25 accounts by 1960. At this juncture, the company opened an office in New York. A third office was started up in 1967 in Los Angeles. The first international offices followed in the early 1970s; their locations were London, Asia, Canada and Europe. It was the New York office that experienced very robust growth with a revenue surging twenty times in the 1980s. It was also in this decade that more international offices were opened. By 1994, with annual revenues of $70 million, the firm had expanded into locations like Silicon Valley, Sacramento and Florida.

Some of the firms earliest clients were Sara Lee, Brunswick Corporation, Toni Permanent Home Co. and the National Bowling Council. More modern brands the company has worked with are Norton, Wal-Mart, Heineken, Cantor Fitzgerald, Starbucks, Royal Dutch Shell, the TransCanada Corporation and the American Petroleum Institute.

What are some of the firm’s campaigns?

Modern campaigns the firm has worked on are:

Adobe — Make the Cut

WNBA — Take a Seat, Take a Stand

ASICS — Blackout Track

Sunkist — We Were There

HP — Family Portraits

At the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Edelman won four Bronze Lions for these campaigns:

BÜBL Fashion: Osteoporosis Canada in Partnership with Amgen Canada

COOP: Old Milk


Unilever: Hellmann’s Real Food Rescue.

If you are hired to work at Edelman you may very well have opportunities to work on some very interesting projects and campaigns.

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