89 Percent of Teachers: Lawmakers Not Doing Enough to Stop School Shootings

As the school year has come to a start, the conversation around gun violence has resurfaced and is louder than ever. 

We asked teachers one simple question: “Are lawmakers doing enough to end gun violence in schools?”

Employees could answer with A.) Yes, B.)  No, or C.) I don’t know. The survey ran from September 9 through September 13 and was answered by a total of 1,067 employees.

<img src="Teacher-survey-gun-violence-in-schools.jpg" alt="teacher survey on school gun violence">
Teacher Survey: 89% don’t think lawmakers aren’t doing enough to end school shootings

Gun Violence in Schools Survey Results:

  • 3.84% of teachers answered with “Yes.”
  • 88.66% of teachers answered with “No.”
  • 7.5% of teachers answered with “I don’t know.”

Do you believe there is enough regulation regarding gun violence and how it affects schools? Tweet us @fishbowlapp and let us know.

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