, Mental Health In Advertising – A Workshop 10/8-11

Mental Health In Advertising – A Workshop 10/8-11

, Mental Health In Advertising – A Workshop 10/8-11

Mental health is one of the most talked-about topics by advertising professionals on Fishbowl.

When we spend so much time at work, and then even more time thinking about work, we must question how our industry and workplaces impact our mental health.

From tight deadlines, to all-nighters, fears about layoffs, angst about career progression, and concerns about stressful coworkers, it’s time that advertising professionals take control of how the industry is impacting the mental health of the people who work in it.

Fishbowl is hosting a workshop on Mental Health in Advertising to generate actionable insights professionals and industry leaders can use to create positive workplace cultures and improve the emotional well-being of people who work in advertising.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, October 8-9, Jen DaSilva, President of Berlin Cameron, Simon Fenwick, Executive Vice President of Talent, Equity & Inclusion at the 4As, and Colette Willis, a professional stress management coach, will lead a conversation for advertising professionals about what the industry can do to foster positive workplaces and emotionally fulfilled employees.

On October 10, which happens to be World Mental Health Day, Berlin-Cameron is hosting an IRL event called “From Work Place to Safe Space” that will use the conversations professionals are having in the Fishbowl Workshop to discuss creating an inclusive environment for mental health at work.

You can RSVP for Berlin Cameron’s free event here

The workshop on Fishbowl will feature a variety of perspectives:

Jen DaSilva will be speaking about the challenges of accommodating mental wellbeing in a competitive business environment.

Simon will be sharing is own mental health story and working with advertising professionals to understand what they can do to create a positive workplace culture at their own agency. His leadership position at the 4As gives him a bird’s eye view on the industry as a whole.

Colette will discuss real tactics and strategies professionals can employee to effectively manage stress and feelings of burnout.

On Friday, October 11, after the IRL event on the 10th, the three leaders of the Fishbowl workshop will summarize what they think are the key takeaways of the workshop.

Join us for a critical discussion about Mental Health In Advertising

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