72 Percent of Chicago Teachers: I Suffer from Burnout

Currently, the Chicago teachers strike is entering its fourth day, leaving more than 300,000 kids at more than 500 schools without class. The 26,000 teachers in Chicago are on strike demanding smaller class sizes, higher raises, and more school funding and support staff. 

We wanted to see how their workplace conditions are affecting them, so we asked our teachers, as well as our communities of accountants, consultants, and advertising and PR professionals about burnout. The professionals were given the statement: “I am currently suffering from job burnout.” and could answer by choosing True or False

Within three days, the survey received 11,286 responses. Overall, 58 percent of professionals said that they are currently suffering from job burnout. Across all of Fishbowl’s industries, most respondents say they are currently experiencing burnout:

  • 66% of Accountants
  • 65% of Advertising and PR professionals
  • 58% of Teachers
  • 55% of Consultants

From our community of teachers, we received 1,032 responses. These states had the highest number of respondents saying that they are currently experiencing burnout:

  • 70% of Illinois’ teachers
  • 69% of California’s teachers
  • 67% of New Jersey’s teachers
  • 64% of Georgia’s teachers
  • 56% of Nevada’s teachers
  • 52% of New York’s teachers

One interesting fact is that Chicago teachers have a higher level of burnout than both the state and overall average for teachers in our survey. This finding reiterates the sentiments of more than 26,000 educators in the city who are asking for better working conditions.

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially categorized burnout as a medical diagnosis, stating that the occupational phenomenon is a result of chronic, enhanced workplace stress that isn’t successfully managed, and can result in exhaustion, negative feelings towards one’s job, and reduced professional efficiency. These statistics show how important it is to ensure that teachers have the resources, support, and funding needed to effectively do their jobs.

In August 2019, we found that half of teachers have a second job. In that same month, we also discovered that 86 percent of teachers took out student loans and still need to pay them back. After learning about the financial burdens that teachers take on to continue teaching and provide better education to students, it is even more troublesome to know that they are also experiencing burnout due to poor workplace conditions. 

Have you ever experienced burnout? If so, what did you do to stop it? Tweet us @fishbowlapp and let us know

72% of Chicago Teachers Suffering from Burnout

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