Black Professionals Survey Series

You are seeing these survey questions because Fishbowl is running a series of surveys to assess what work-life is like for Black professionals at various companies and across a variety of industries.

The goal of this survey series is to hold companies accountable not only to their own statements and goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion, but also to push industries forward through candid conversations that arise from the survey’s results.

At the conclusion of the survey series, Fishbowl will publish the results to include company rankings and statistics about work-life for Black professionals and how that impacts company culture, recruiting, and talent retention.

The outcome of the survey series will be similar to our 2020 Women At Work report, and the survey is being  targeted only to members of Black professional communities on Fishbowl.

Fishbowl partnered with the Community Leaders of various Black professional communities to conceptualize the survey series. Zach Nunn, the Community Leader for Black Consultants and the Founder of Living Corporate, a consultancy and multimedia platform that amplifies the voices of Black and brown professionals at work, informed the questions that are part of this survey.

We are looking forward to sharing a snap-shot of what work-life is like for Black professionals, as well as the companies that perform the best in specific categories.

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