Making Consulting More Human – A Q&A – 11/6

, Making Consulting More Human – A Q&A – 11/6

Long hours. Demanding Clients. Stressful workplaces. Performance review processes that don’t feel very human. An unclear path to promotion.

There’s are some of the facts of life in Management Consulting that everyone agrees should be changed.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and recent accusations of bullying at multiple Big 4 firms make clear that the need for change is urgent.

But how is the challenge? Can consulting be changed?

Fishbowl is excited to have Maggie Brereton and Ina Kjaer, former Partners at KPMG who have started their own global advisory firm, host a Q&A on 11/6 to discuss what it will take to build a more inclusive consulting industry.

Maggie and Ina wanted a different workplace culture, one defined by greater flexibility, focused on future value, and which eliminated presenteeism and unnecessary long hours, so they created it for themselves by founding EOS Deal Advisory.

This will be an exciting conversation about what is required to create a more inclusive consulting industry, and how to become an entrepreneur in an industry defined established companies.

We hope you can join Maggie and Ina for a conversation on 11/6:

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