How to Balance It All – At Work, In Life, & At Home – a Q&A 12/5

Too often, women are told they have to choose between having a fulfilling career or personal life.

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way, and women can Have It All – at work, in life, and at home?

Career coach and entrepreneur, Romi Neustadt, is releasing a new book called “You Can Have It All, Just Not At The Same Damn Time” that tackles this very subject.

Romi will be hosting a Q&A on Fishbowl specifically for women on Dec. 5 to discuss what it takes to have a fulfilling career and personal life.

We hope you can join us: https://joinfishbowl.com/bowl_oci4t9

Romi Neustadt is a former lawyer and PR executive who became an entrepreneur and career coach.

She’s figured out how to juggle being a wife, mom, professional success, and healthy human without losing her mind. And she’s on a mission to help other women Have It All, too.

Romi’s first book, Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business, received a Gold Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association.

Her second book, You Can Have It All, Just Not at the Same Damn Time, will be published by Portfolio | Penguin Random House in January 2020.

Check out the Q&A, and spread the word: https://joinfishbowl.com/bowl_oci4t9

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