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Community Guidelines

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We can all use some help when navigating the workplace. Whether it’s dealing with a tough boss, demanding clients, negotiating salary, or any of countless other work-related conundrums. However, we’re expected to put on a good face at work as well as on social media. We’re not able to be our most authentic, most transparent selves, for fear of being judged.

Fishbowl’s mission is to enable transparent conversations that move careers and industries forward. It’s a safe space to connect with your professional peers and help one another. But because it’s semi-anonymous, we want to make sure it doesn’t devolve into a free-for-all. That’s why it’s important to maintain a positive community. We want you to feel comfortable, but there are rules so we can in fact maintain such an environment.

, Community Guidelines

People are seeking answers to challenges they can’t normally talk about with others. Look to contribute interesting or helpful comments that relate to the individual or community’s professional lives.

, Community Guidelines

We welcome constructive criticism that helps move industries forward. Not reckless throwing under the bus-ism.

, Community Guidelines

We don’t tolerate random gossip about people in your workplace. Once they’re in the press however, it’s part of culture, and these are honest conversations you would have in a hallway, so that’s kosher.

Don’t drop a name unless it’s to sing their praise. If you really need to solve a problem, there are more constructive ways to speak about it.

, Community Guidelines

You’re here to discuss things only your professional peers are privy to, or discuss challenges you face in your professional journey. You’re not here to air dirty laundry. Ain’t nobody need a whiff of that!

Don’t screenshot:

  • Your private company bowl content
  • Someone else’s Linkedin unless you hide their name
  • A company email unless the information is hidden

, Community Guidelines

Our community team actively promotes honesty, positivity and empathy to help achieve our mission of moving careers and industries forward. After all, nothing helps cultivate change and improvement like shared knowledge and transparency.

So just like you would let your host know if another guest was bringing down the mood, please let us know if someone crosses the line. We’ll send them a kind email explaining how best to behave on Fishbowl. And don’t worry, many have told us they’re thankful to know we care and aspire to such an open and positive environment.

Let’s do this!

Read the full community guidelines here.

Any questions? Ask us: contact@fishbowlapp.com


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