, Staying Human In The Age Of Data – a Q&A – 2/13

Staying Human In The Age Of Data – a Q&A – 2/13

, Staying Human In The Age Of Data – a Q&A – 2/13

They tell us that data is the new oil, but something about that seems off.

Surely, human-centred creativity matters more than ever in a time defined by screen time and addictive technology.

So as professionals who must use creativity to achieve data-driven business outcomes and objectives, how do we reconcile the difference?

Fortunately, Rashid Tobaccowala, the former Chief Growth Officer at Publics Groupe, knows quite a bit about navigating this challenge – in fact, he wrote a book about it.

Rashid will host a Q&A about staying human in the age of data on Fishbowl on February 13, 2020.

You can access the Q&A here: https://joinfishbowl.com/bowl_is4pzt

In RESTORING THE SOUL OF BUSINESS: Staying Human in the Age of Data, Rishad makes a persuasive defense of people, emotions and culture—the soul of a company—as being the most powerful weapon for winning in the digital age.

Some companies are failing to meet this new challenge. Think Facebook and Google’s dwindling public trust. But others are leading the way. Consider Apple’s consistent commitment to human-centered design

Chat with Rishad about how to build your career within this new paradigm and find the right balance of data and creativity in your work.

Rishad Tobaccowala most recently served as Chief Growth Officer and Chief Strategist at Publicis Groupe, an advertising and communications firm with 80,000 employees worldwide, where he is now a Senior Advisor.

Over his 37-year career, Rishad has worked across almost every area of marketing including brand advertising, media, database, direct and interactive marketing.

Rishad was named by BusinessWeek as one of the top business leaders for his pioneering innovation and TIME magazine dubbed him one of five “Marketing Innovators.

He is in the Ad Age Interactive Hall of Fame and has received a life time achievement silver medal award from the Chicago Ad Federation.

You can join the conversation here: https://joinfishbowl.com/bowl_jj4vnd

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