52 Percent of Employees Restricted by Coronavirus

Earlier this week, The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, disrupting lives across the globe. Employees have taken to our professional community app Fishbowl to discuss the issue, saying  “If the corona virus continues to spiral, I’m calling it as a possible trigger for the next recession.”

Currently, hundreds of thousands of employees use Fishbowl to discuss workplace issues, so we decided to ask them about the recent news. We asked these employees one simple question: Has your workplace restricted travel or encouraged you to work remotely due to coronavirus?”

Employees could answer with A.) Yes, or B.) No. The survey ran March 11 through March 12, 2020 and was answered by over 10,000 verified professionals on the Fishbowl app from companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, McKinsey, Tesla, Bank of America, BCG, Deloitte, Amazon, Edelman, Nike, Google, KPMG, and thousands of others.

Coronavirus, 52 Percent of Employees Restricted by Coronavirus
Fishbowl Survey: 52% of employees have their normal work routine disrupted by coronavirus

Here’s what we found:

  • Overall, 52.21% responded that their workplace has restricted travel or encouraged them to work remotely.
  • When separating by industry, advertising employees had the highest ratio of employees responding that their workplace is restricting travel or encouraging remote work, with 63.15%. Following not far behind were accounting employees (59.28%), consulting (50.86%), and lawyers (46.3%).
  • Among companies with at least 50 unique employee survey responses, Guidehouse and Edelman ranked with the highest ratio of employees having travel restricted or working remotely, with 86.36% and 85.37% respectively.
  • With 8.33%, Huron, a management consulting company, finished with the lowest percentage of employees responding that they have had travel restricted or encouraged to work remotely due to the coronavirus.

How is your company dealing with the coronavirus? Tweet us @fishbowlapp and let us know.

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