Covid-19 and Working Parents: 62 Percent Unable to Juggle WFH & Childcare

In just the past few weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic has wiped out markets, forced school closures, led to major sports leagues to suspend operations, upended the travel industry, and even forced businesses to start laying off workers.

Each day hundreds of thousands of employees use Fishbowl, a professional social network, to discuss workplace issues. Because of the recent fallout from Covid-19, employees have started to work from home and look for a resource to connect with coworkers and their industry peers, leading to the number of conversations on Fishbowl to triple. 

Covid-19 and Employees

Many of the topics addressed on Fishbowl now involve the economic impact caused by by Covid-19, and how employees are coping with the fallout. For this reason, each week, we have continued to survey Fishbowl users about specific Covid-19 related topics. From our three previous surveys, we have discovered:

This week, we are releasing survey results for our latest Covid-19 employee survey question:

While working from home, have you been able to effectively manage your workload while taking care of your children?

Covid-19, Covid-19 and Working Parents: 62 Percent Unable to Juggle WFH & Childcare
62% of Working Parents Unable to Juggle Working from Home and Childcare

Balancing Working from Home and Children

Overall, 4,293 working parents answered with ‘No’ (62%) and 2,616 answered with ‘Yes.’ The survey ran March 28 through March 30, 2020 and was answered by verified professionals on the Fishbowl app from companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, McKinsey, Tesla, Bank of America, BCG, Deloitte, Amazon, Edelman, Nike, Google, KPMG, and thousands of others.

We also found:

  • More than half of every industry of employees answered this question with ‘No.’
  • The advertising industry had the highest percentage saying they have been unable to effectively manage their workload while also taking care of their children, with 67.37% answering with ‘No.’
  • Rounding out the three industries that had the highest percentage answering ‘No’ are Accounting and Management Consulting, with 67.01% and 63.69%, respectively.
  • The industry with the highest percentage of employees able to effectively manage their workload and watching their children while working from home, are those in Finance. A total of 46.69% in the Finance industry answered ‘Yes.’
  • Following Finance employees were Lawyers and then Teachers, with 45.17% and 38.18% answering ‘Yes’, respectively.
  • When separating by gender, 46.23% of men responded that they are able to juggle work and watching children, while only 25.14% of women answered the same way. This stark contrast in responses by gender could be evidence that an unequal divide of household labor still continues today, even when both parents are at home.

Are you a working parent, now relegated to working remotely due to the fallout from Covid-19? Share your tips with other working parents on Fishbowl.

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