, Kassandra Pollard, Book Review Community Leader

Kassandra Pollard, Book Review Community Leader

, Kassandra Pollard, Book Review Community Leader

Kassandra Pollard is an Associate Creative Director at Momentum Worldwide, a marketing and advertising agency. She’s also a Fishbowl community leader for Book Review


What’s the one thing you’re proud of that’s not on your resume?

My podcast I just launched called “Meet Cute Actually: Love stories Hollywood didn’t write“. It’s a podcast where real-life couples discuss how they met and who they were when they did. Then, inspired by actual Hollywood rom-coms, retold like a table-read on steroids with a faux movie trailer, sound effects, and music beds.

Because I taught myself new tools, and I wasn’t willing to compromise my vision—from conception to execution—it took me 2.5 years to launch. I learned so much from doing it. I can’t wait to get started on season 2.


What’s the most ridiculous thing a boss or coworker asked you to do?

When I was an intern, I worked on a tampon brand. My creative managers at the time were briefed to come up with an All-Hands Meeting presentation that highlighted the agency’s work on the brand. For the presentation, they decided it’d be fun to do a dance that featured the product as part of the costumes and as props. However, to do so, they’d need a lot of tampons. So, they sent me to CVS to buy some.

When I got there, I put everything they had on the floor into my cart before asking to get some stock from the storeroom, too. I ended up buying about 30 boxes of tampons as a line of onlookers watched me with a mixture of confusion, amusement, and concern. When the cashier asked me why I was buying so many, I just shrugged and said, “Because I’m an intern.”


What’s the one thing you’d want to improve in your industry?

The way hiring managers and recruiters review work. Too often it’s about what you’ve done, and not about the potential of what you could do.


If you weren’t in your industry, what would you do?

I love storytelling in all its forms. So, I think I’d try to find a way into TV, film, or publishing.


One thing you love that everyone hates:

Hallmark Movies. (The rom-coms, not the dramas.) There is a formula to them. So I love predicting the outcome before it even happens. They’re also perfectly cheesy. You can’t help but smile.


What song plays in your head when you have a huge meeting or you know you need to kick ass?

Crime Mob—”Knuck if You Buck”


What’s one of your favorite convos from Fishbowl?

It asked fellow fish to sort the Coronavirus Bowl industries into the different Hogwarts houses. It was random. But it showed the light-hearted side of Fishbowl, and it made me laugh.


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