, Marsha Chandy, Creatives Community Leader

Marsha Chandy, Creatives Community Leader

, Marsha Chandy, Creatives Community Leader

Marsha Chandy is a freelance creative director based in New York. She’s also a Fishbowl community leader for the Creatives Bowl.


What’s the one thing you’re proud of that’s not on your resume?

I recently got approved for an EB-1 greencard which is a category for immigrants of extraordinary ability. To get this, you have to prove that you are in the top 3% of your professional industry.


What’s the one thing you’d want to improve in your industry?

Holding recruiters somehow accountable for the rampant “ghosting” behavior, and more mentorship programs.


What’s your go-to fun fact during ice breakers?

I’m a TCK – Third Culture Kid.


What’s been a favorite Fishbowl convo lately?

Conversations that are about salaries, as that is something that people never discuss IRL, so it’s great to get real information about that and it’s very helpful.


What’s your favorite industry jargon? Least favorite?

Least fav: “Hit the ground running”



What do you love about your job?

Learning something new everyday and the people.


Describe the best boss you’d ever have

One who gave me freedom within framework, and was accessible but not a micro-manager.


What do you want to drive forward in your community?

Opportunities for mentorship, specifically for immigrants and women. Also, getting the ad men in the industry to become vocal advocates for these issues.


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