, Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl

Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl

“It’s easy to protect people from problems [in ways] you get trained to do in corporate environments—but if we just talk as openly as possible, people are on our side, and people feel better about their jobs and their role at their company. Over-communicating is the best thing to do.”
— Jon Haber, Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
, Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl

45% of employees of the biggest agencies in the US are active on Fishbowl, checking in 5 times a day on average.


Why professionals trust and use Fishbowl

• They look for honesty: they value the unfiltered pulse of how their peers are feeling.

• They look for support: they can crowdsource solutions to their toughest career challenges while keeping their privacy.

• They feel safe asking questions they might not be comfortable asking in public.

• They have access to professionals who they wouldn’t have access to. Juniors can talk to seniors; different races, genders and generations can have productive conversations on crucial topics.


Workplace culture has changed 

The current environment has led to uncertainty and change for all companies, not just yours. Remote work and a climate of layoffs in the industry has heightened sensitivities with employees—who also don’t get to see their coworkers for a casual, uplifting conversation in the hallways. They turn to online platforms like Fishbowl and Zoom to connect with peers.
Employees just want to have honest conversations about the uncertainty they’re feeling, with the people they work with and respect.
“But why can’t they just talk by email/Slack/Zoom?” Because employees are afraid of risking their job security by bringing up their doubts or weaknesses. That’s why they feel safe sharing their perspective semi-anonymously—and are honored when their leaders make them feel heard. Fishbowl provides a mechanic to facilitate communication in your workplace.
, Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl

Best practices

Companies with the healthiest culture actively use Fishbowl to make their employees feel like their voices matter. We have formal partnerships with companies to engage their bowl and make their culture thrive—but here are simple tips for any company to make the most of their company bowls.
1. Be proactive, not just reactive: create rituals

Tighten bonds between coworkers by giving them a voice and a way to support each other.
Eg: “What do you love about your favorite coworker?”
“Let’s support each other. What’s a challenge you’re going through this week?”
“How’s your pet doing? Share a picture.”

What’s something you learned this week that you didn’t know before?”
Reco: rituals about 2x/week.
2. When concerns arise

“Companies should respond to negative posts. And fast. The worst thing you can do is ignore the [user.] Doing so increases the odds that others will jump in to support the complaint.”
Harvard Business Review,
“How to keep complaints from spreading”

What people appreciate:
• addressing concerns immediately
• transparency and honesty
• feeling heard and appreciated
• talking like a friend
• a willingness to change

, Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl.
What backfires:
• not acknowledging how employees feel
• not making them feel heard
• not addressing issues right away (in minutes or hours)
• pretending like there’s nothing wrong
• not taking responsibility or accountability
• PR and corporate speak (!)
3. Make sure leadership uses their real name

We recommend this for recognizable leaders in their company bowls. Fishbowl has the reverse-Facebook effect—where people get turned off having their parents on Facebook, people are excited and feel heard to know their leaders are active on Fishbowl.
4. Assign bowl leaders to support your company culture
Bowl leaders are engaged Fishbowl users who already have a positive impact on their professional communities. Your company leadership doesn’t need to change their social media habits overnight. There are people who love and use Fishbowl and work at your company. .
, Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl
Bowl leaders can give a direction to your company culture by highlighting uplifting posts at the top of your bowl, and engage your community.
Reco: at least 3 Community Leaders per bowl, so it doesn’t fall on one pair of shoulders.
> Learn more about Community Leaders
The best way to make your culture thrive: internal company Q&As
“Good leaders make you feel safe.” – Simon Sinek
The best way to keep the culture positive and transparent is for leadership to engage their employees in their company bowl—because that is where they feel safe to share their concerns and have an honest conversation.
Leadership should occasionally start a conversation in their bowls with their names to get a check on how their employees feel. Tap on “What’s on your mind?” to start a thread.
Reco: At least once a month.
, Drive A Positive Culture In Your Company Bowl
Eg. “Hi everyone, it’s Sam. How is everyone doing? We’re here for you and want to make sure you feel heard. Ask any questions.”
“Hey all. Jordan here. It sounds like there are some concerns about ______. Ask any questions – want to hear your thoughts.”
Remember, your workplace culture is unique. Experiment, get feedback and learn. Your employees will appreciate being included in continuing to build your culture.
Any questions?
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