, Your BCG Bowl

Your BCG Bowl

New: Students on Fishbowl

Fishbowl recently launched to the top educational institutions in the country with a separate, curated experience for students to learn more about the respective industries and companies they’ll be joining as professionals.

, Your BCG Bowl

The student experience on Fishbowl will provide verified University students with the opportunity to research and learn more about the companies they want to work for.

Your BCG Bowl

Transparency is a core tenet of Fishbowl. We are sharing this message to ensure that all BCG users remain informed.

Content from free bowls may be used by Fishbowl’s algorithms to inform and recommend relevant content to verified University students who are researching your company. 

The BCG Bowl is classified as a free bowl, so the following may apply:

  1. University students researching companies may be recommended relevant discussions drawn from your free Bowl (e.g. benefit discussions, WFH policies, travel)
  2. Companies may elect to upgrade to a verified Bowl to choose discussions that are recommended during students’ job searches

Your Anonymity

Our users’ anonymity is an integral part of the Fishbowl experience. The content that you create will always be anonymous if you’ve chosen to publish content anonymously.

If you have any questions please contact support@fishbowlapp.com

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