fishbowl survey lawyers, Fishbowl Survey: 75 Percent of Lawyers Would Not Defend Trump

Fishbowl Survey: 75 Percent of Lawyers Would Not Defend Trump

fishbowl survey lawyers, Fishbowl Survey: 75 Percent of Lawyers Would Not Defend Trump
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The 2020 election will go down in history as a record breaking election.

According to the U.S. Elections Project early voters cast 101 million ballots pre-election day, about twice as many as in 2016 and more than ever before. Voter turnout is on track to break a century-old record. And Kamala Harris made history as the first Women and Black and Indian-American to become Vice President-elect of the United States.

However, the most notable standout of the 2020 election is Trump’s refusal to concede to now President-elect Joe Biden.

US elections have been contested before. And the Trump Campaign is well within its legal rights to challenge the election results. Currently, exercising its right to do so, the campaign has filed litigation in 5 states so far: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, and more legal action is expected to follow as several of these states are heading toward recounts.

However, many in the legal community fear Trump’s actions undermine the electoral process, and suggest firms involved in contesting the election outcome are setting a dangerous precedent for future races. 

About the Survey

Every day, tens of thousands of Lawyers use Fishbowl, a workplace social network for verified employees, to connect with one another and have open and honest conversations about work-life. Lawyers on Fishbowl have been carefully following, and vocalizing their opinions on the hotly contested election outcome and weighing in on the possible legal and societal implications associated with President Trump’s actions.

So this prompted us to ask our community of Law professionals to answer “Yes or “No” to the following question: 

“Would you support your firm if it represented the Trump campaign as it files lawsuits challenging the outcome of the election in several states.”

The Survey Results

The survey which ran November 12, 2020 through November 14, 2020  was answered by 4,546 verified law professionals from across the U.S. on the Fishbowl app. Among those who answered, include 103 attorneys at Jones Day, an influential firm, which has come under pressure from The Lincoln Project to drop election-related cases.

Here’s what we found:

  • Overall – 74.92% of attorneys answered “No” to supporting their firm if it represented the Trump campaign in challenging the 2020 election outcome. 
  • Highest – Washington, DC was the state with the highest percentage answering “No” with 97.44%. Following Washington, DC, and nearly tied was Massachusetts with 81.92%, and Maryland with 81.25%.  
  • Lowest – With just 64.41% answering with “No”, North Carolina had the lowest percentage of lawyers standing against their firm’s possible representation of the Trump campaign in challenging the election results. Slightly ahead of North Carolina and nearly tied are Texas with 65.20%, and Colorado with 65.49%. 
  • In The News – The New York Times recently covered the  legal services Jones Day is providing Trump and the Republican National Committee. Out of the 103 Jones Day law professionals who answered the Fishbowl survey question, only 22.3% (23 in total) responded with Yes, almost 3 points lower than the overall survey average.

fishbowl survey lawyers, Fishbowl Survey: 75 Percent of Lawyers Would Not Defend Trump

Looking Ahead

The latest vote certification deadline in the handful of states the president is contesting is December 1. However,  if a recount takes place in Georgia it could take longer. All recounts and complaints must be resolved prior to the meeting of the electoral college on December 14th. 

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