Ethan Zanger | Community Leader, Career Pivot Bowl

, Ethan Zanger | Community Leader, Career Pivot Bowl

Ethan Zanger is a Media Planner at Heartbeat. He is also the creator of the Career Pivot Bowl, helping professionals exchange all aspects of career moves.


Describe a moment where you experienced inequality in your career.

I have to leave early on Fridays due to my observance of the Sabbath and I’ve had managers who were very hesitant about me leaving early. Think people need to learn and be more sensitive to Jews.


Which moment set you the career path you’re on today?

Realizing I can do more than what I’m doing right now.


What’s the one thing you’re proud of that’s not on your resume?

My Personal Twitter Account.


What’s the one thing you’d want to improve in your industry?

The hiring process.


What’s your go-to fun fact during ice breakers?

I make my own hummus.


What’s the luckiest moment you had in your career?

Getting hired.


What’s the worst mistake you’ve made at work?

Working in TV.


What’s your favorite industry jargon? Least favorite?

Favorite: “the onus is on them” “copacetic” least favorite: any vendor email.


If you weren’t in your industry, what would you do?



What’s your biggest pet peeve in a coworker?

Small talk.


What do you love about your job?

Working with a team that cares so much.


What song plays in your head when you have a huge meeting or you know you need to kick ass?

Sabotage by the Beastie Boys


If the story of your career was a book, what would the title be?

The struggle is real.


Describe the best boss you’d ever have

She was very personable and really wanted to see our growth.


Favorite Instagram account?

@123ezstreet and @accidentallywesanderson


What do you want to drive forward in your community?

Conversation about pivoting.


What’s one piece of work you’re the most proud of?

I made a needle point bag.


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