Fishbowl Live | Q&A With Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson

Fishbowl Live, Fishbowl Live | Q&A With Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson

Understanding how to harness technology in the 21st Century is no longer just optional; it’s essential. But, how do you create innovative digital solutions which meet the changing needs of today’s companies? And, how can you transform your mindset to be a more effective company leader and developer?

In continuation of Fishbowl’s latest series of discussions on professional life in a digital era, Fishbowl Live will host Jeff Lawson, CEO and Cofounder of Twilio, this week for a conversation on building a Billion Dollar Business.

Lawson will discuss how to harness the power of software developers and the inspiration for his new book Ask Your Developer with Erin Teague, the Director of Product at Youtube, and Namrata Ganatra, the former CTO of Lambda School. From motivating software talent to driving innovation, Lawson will share his advice on how he leveraged software developers to help him to grow Twilio to a market cap over $55 billion.

Alongside Teague and Ganatra, Lawson will give advice to business owners and software developers looking to build groundbreaking companies of their own.

Curious about Lawson’s work, new book, or advice on how to harness the power of software? Tune into Fishbowl Live on Thursday, January 14th at 8PM EST. To join the discussion, download the Fishbowl app and click the link at 8PM EST to join. Fishbowl Live is currently available for iOS.

Read More About the Impressive Q&A Hosts:

  • Jeff Lawson is the CEO and Cofounder of Twilio whose new book, Ask Your Developer, explores how to harness the power of software development. Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, calls it “the ultimate guide for creating a software developer culture.”
  • Erin Teague has been the Director of Product at Youtube since 2016. She has previously worked at Yahoo as a Director of Product and Twitter as a Product Manager.
  • Namrata Ganatra is the former CTO of the Labda School. She has previously worked at Coinbase, Facebook, Paypal, and Microsoft.

What’s Fishbowl Live?

Fishbowl Live is the social networking app’s newest feature which allows users to connect with experts in their field in real time audio conversations. As in-person keynotes are no longer possible, Fishbowl is working to connect professionals to one another (even as they work from home).

By hosting regular Live events, on topics ranging from Balancing Family Planning with a Career to Building Trust in a Polarized Age, Fishbowl is helping professionals get the answers they need to work and lead in a 21st Century workplace. Now, Advertising, Consulting, Law, and Tech industry leaders from companies like Twilio, TikTok, Anheuser-Busch, VMWare, Facebook, IBM, HULU, Netflix, and Jones Day are choosing Fishbowl Live to host conversations.

To keep tabs on upcoming Fishbowl Live discussions, log into the most updated version of the Fishbowl app and click the “Live” icon in the upper left-hand corner. You can also keep track of upcoming events by reading the Fishbowl blog.

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