Conversation Starters For Your Community

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Your bowl is a useful and safe space to give and get advice, feel seen and network with others. With the amazing work you do engaging with your community, sometimes questions can feel like hit or miss.

, Conversation Starters For Your Community

At Fishbowl, we’ve learned that questions that engage the most can be the simplest ones. Some deep questions (like “What are the ___ trends of 2021?”) demand effort from professionals—who are sometimes looking for a break off of Linkedin and serious Slack DMs.

By keeping career conversations in your bowl fun, genuine, and easy to think about, conversation starters will help increase engagement and create that positive professional environment you’re looking for. This isn’t to say that all questions should be simple, but once in a while, letting your community have fun can be rewarding.

Conversation Starters Quick Guide

  • Must be short and easy
  • Can be:
  • fun (eg. “Guest the meaning of WFH – wrong answers only”)
  • controversial (eg. “Emojis in emails: yay or nay”)
  • personal (eg. “What is your… / Tell us your…”)
  • binary (eg. “Introvert or extrovert?”)

Here are examples. Use these as inspiration to create your own!

Fun Convo Starters

  • Tell your funniest/most unexpected work story of the week.
  • Emojis in emails: yay 👍 or nay 👎?
  • Top tracks to listen to while working.
  • Early bird or night owl?
  • Confessions of a professional. Never have I ever…
  • What is a career choice you would like to try?
  • Introvert or extrovert?
  • Guess the meaning of WFH:
  • How do you describe your job to your parents?
  • Reveal your side hustles.

Supportive Convo Starters:

  • What is your biggest weakness? I’m a terrible presenter.
  • What types of feedback motivate/demotivate you?
  • Have you overestimated the value of something in your career?
  • What do you LOVE and what do you HATE about your job?
  • What’s a challenge you went through last week?

Career Convo Starters:

  • Has your definition of success changed over your career?
  • What’s your current career goal?
  • What 3 company benefits are most important to you?
  • What would you like to change when returning to the office?
  • What motivated you to choose working at your company?
  • What three words describe your dream company culture?

Post conversation starters a few times a week and see how they’re received. Each community is different and responds in their own way to what they enjoy.

Thank you for providing support and value to your community!

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