Fishbowl Survey: Pandemic Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap, Fishbowl Survey: Pandemic Gender Pay Gap
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This Monday, March 8 is International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate the many achievements and contributions women have made in building our society. It is also an opportunity to talk about how we can create a world that is more fair and inclusive. 

In commemoration of International Women’s Day this year, we at Fishbowl will be hosting an audio chat on our app with industry leaders Erica Volini, Leader of the Global Human Capital Practice at Deloitte, Gayatri Agnew, Senior Director of Corporate Philanthropy at Walmart, & Ana Rold, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Diplomatic Courier. The conversation will focus on the critical role women play in a post-COVID economic recovery and in shaping the future of work.  

In conjunction with the International Women’s Day event, Fishbowl will champion women in the workplace for the continuation of Women’s History Month. We will be conducting a survey series of professionals aiming to highlight the disproportionate burdens that women at work carry and the impact COVID-19 has had on gender equality gains. 

Survey Question – “True or False: The changes caused by the pandemic have stopped me asking for a raise.”

Today, women still experience a pay gap compared to their male counterparts, which many theorize may be exacerbated by the pandemic.

For this reason, we asked users of the Fishbowl app to answer True or False to this statement: The changes caused by the pandemic have stopped me from asking for a raise or promotion. The survey ran February 26 through March 3, 2021 and was answered by a total of 16,879 verified professionals on the Fishbowl app.

Survey Findings

Overall, a total of 16,879 professionals answered the survey, with 36.22% answering with “True” and 63.78% answering with “False.” 

We then looked at the results by gender, location, and industry. Here’s what we found:

  • Gender: 42.39% of women said that the changes due to the pandemic have stopped them from asking for a raise or a promotion, versus just 31.79% of men.
  • By State: Indiana, Tennessee, and Louisiana were the three states with the highest percentage of employees said the pandemic thwarted them from asking for a raise or promotion, with 46.36%, 43.6%, and 43.39% respectively. Conversely, the District of Columbia, Utah, and Maryland had the lowest, with 24.92%, 29.92%, and 30.45% respectively.
  • By Industry: Marketing, HR, and Accounting were the industries with the highest percentage of employees saying the pandemic has stopped them from asking for a raise or promotion with 54.48%, 41.35%, and 39.79% respectively. Conversely, Finance, Law, and Tech had the lowest, with 25.79%, 29.96%, and 30.8% respectively.

Join Us Live On International Women’s Day

The conversation will take place on Monday, March 8th at 8:00 pm EST on Fishbowl Live – Fishbowl’s new audio chat room feature. To join the conversation, download the Fishbowl app and simply click the link →

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