The Future of Professional Networks

, The Future of Professional Networks   Matt Sunbulli, CEO and Cofounder, Fishbowl
Six years ago, Fishbowl was inspired by a glaring contradiction I noticed within existing professional networks: despite the number of social connections on these platforms, they served more as a directory, and they didn’t provide users an engaging medium to have conversations. At the time, web based social networks were being upended by mobile applications with fresh value propositions like real-time interaction and geo-based proximity. My immediate thought was how could these new value props be used to generate relevant networks that made it easier for professionals to have conversations?

Fast forward, five years after Fishbowl’s launch, and there have now been over 18 million conversations1, comments and messages across more than 11,000 communities1, which our users have affectionately termed “bowls”. More than 1 million professionals2 use Fishbowl to share relatable moments and crowdsource experiences from others in their industry. Communities on Fishbowl represent a diverse group of professionals across industries having the sort of conversations you can’t have on other social networks. There are discussions like what a fair salary is for a specific role, what a company’s culture is actually like behind the branding, or how to adjust to a new job as a person of color. Users speak candidly, unmotivated by self-promotion, and without their professional brand impeding on what they say.

Along this journey I met my cofounder Loren Appin, and we built a team focused on the vision of bringing more authentic conversations into the online professional space. While I am extremely proud of what we’ve built over the last five years, I am excited to share an important update about our future.

I am thrilled to announce that Fishbowl is joining Glassdoor as part of the Recruit family of companies, which also owns

It’s not often that two companies are as aligned on core values, a sense of strategic purpose, and complementary user experiences as Fishbowl and Glassdoor.

Over the last 13 years, Glassdoor has emerged as the leader in workplace and career transparency across the globe, providing relevant workplace reviews and salary information. With more than 55 million unique users each month3 and over 95 million reviews4, Glassdoor is serious about helping professionals find a job and company they love through their commitment to workplace transparency.

We’re excited to combine the depth of conversations on Fishbowl with the breadth of information on Glassdoor. The connection between real-time conversations and workplace reviews will help both Fishbowl and Glassdoor provide even more transparency to support the careers and professional journeys of our users.

, The Future of Professional Networks

What this means for Fishbowl users:

I’d like to share what this news means for Fishbowl’s community:

  • First, and most importantly, there are no changes to the level of anonymity on either platform or the core pillars of the Fishbowl experience. The ability to post anonymously based on verified professional identities and the ability to converse within communities that are tailored to your industry, company, practice area, skills, or identity network remain the same, and we will continue investing in these core product areas. 
  • Joining forces with Glassdoor will mean more resources to develop the product and have broader distribution, allowing Fishbowl to open to newer industries and regions faster. The Fishbowl team will continue to be focused on providing professionals with the best user experience. Our goal will be to provide you access to speak and connect with more relevant people in current and adjacent industries, and get insights that can help you get ahead in your career.
  • Starting today on Glassdoor, employees and job seekers will see relevant Fishbowl conversations about related companies and industries that serve as a discovery point to our communities. Job seekers and employees can experience more by clicking on these Fishbowl conversations and visiting Fishbowl to engage the conversations and explore industry, company and special interest bowls. Viewing these conversations will require a Fishbowl account.

For more information on how Glassdoor users can benefit from the Glassdoor & Fishbowl experience, visit this link

Looking Ahead

Fishbowl exists because of the tremendous capacity people have to help one another progress and move their careers forward. The Fishbowl team is motivated and excited by the willingness of professionals to help, share, empathize, inform and mentor others within their industries, companies, and communities.

To better address your questions and what this means for our communities and users going forward, we’re excited to host a Fishbowl Live session with the CEO of Glassdoor, Christian Sutherland-Wong, on Thursday, 9/16 at 8:30 pm EDT. This event can be accessed via iOS or Android. RSVP to the event here.


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