How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event


Fishbowl Live allows users to connect with each other in real time audio conversations. Any Fishbowl user has the ability to start and host a community discussion. Fishbowl Live’s in the past have covered a wide range of topics that relate to work, such as Leadership coaching 101, balancing family and career, how to win people over in an argument, and even live meditation sessions.  

Here’s a step by step guide on how to host and moderate a Fishbowl Live Event.

A) Prepping for the Fishbowl Live event

☝️ Events can only be attended with mobile, not desktop.

1. Download the Fishbowl app

  • Sign up and make sure to activate your account before your event date. By joining earlier, you increase your chances of having a bigger audience who will see the event and RSVP. (2 weeks ideally)
  • Allow microphone permissions, so the audience can hear you speak.
  • Add your Linkedin, Instagram and experience to maximize your exposure to our audience.

2. Share your assets on social media (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter) provided by the Fishbowl team to stay top of mind with your followers.
We recommend a short and sweet caption: “Ask your burning questions this Thursday [DATE] for a Fishbowl Live event. RSVP here: [LINK]”

3. Prep 10 minutes before the event start time to do a quick run though and troubleshoot any technical issues or have any questions answered. 

4. Click on the event link provided to you by the Fishbowl team.


, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event


B) The Day of The Event

  • The audience trickles in throughout the hour, sometimes reaching its peak 20-30 min after the event started with the second app notification. This means the first minutes of the event are often the least crowded.
  • On average, our events can get between 300 and 1,000 people join from start to finish, and between 100-300 at the same time

1. Getting started

The room opens for hosts 15 minutes before so you can talk to each other before the audience comes in. For the audience, the room opens at the event hour, not before.

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event

Push notifications will be sent to participants who RSVP’d to remind them about the event. Please allow for 30 seconds-1 minute for participants to join the room. 

2. Welcome participants

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event

As the room starts to open, help make participants feel welcome. We recommend starting out with small talk and welcoming participants for about a minute until you see 3+ rows of participants under ‘Listening’ for iOS or ‘Others Here’ for Android.

3. Kick off

Once at least 3+ rows of participants have joined, kick off the event by having the moderator introduce themselves, the other host(s) and the topic.

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event

Tip: Reset the room every 10-15 minutes. This means:

  • Welcome newcomers by introducing yourselves again,
  • the theme,
  • how to participate in the discussion,
  • and invite them to Follow you by tapping on your profile.

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event

4. Invite the audience to participate

The audience loves the Q&A portion. It’s an opportunity to have an authentic and unrehearsed discussion on your subject-matter expertise and connect with them at a deeper level. 

Let participants know they can join the conversation in 2 ways:

1. Tell them to tap on ‘Raise Hand’ on the bottom right. Then you will see a popup and you can “Invite as speaker.” Tell them to wait until you let them in.

2. Or, tell them to send a direct message to the moderator by clicking on the moderators’ profile. (Some people are shy to take the stage.)

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event


  • When they raise their hand, you will see a popup. Tap on “Invite as speaker.”
  • When they send you a direct message, you will see a red dot next to the envelope at the top of the screen.


, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event

5. Wrapping up

End the event by:

  • thanking your audience, 
  • inviting them to follow you on Fishbowl
  • Sharing your handles, links and other contact information
  • Saying goodbye.

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event


Then, finish by selecting ‘Leave Quietly’ and then selecting ‘End Conversation.’

, How to host or moderate a Fishbowl Live event


C) Troubleshooting Tips

Having issues with sound?

  1. Close all other apps that use sound 
  2. Check your permissions settings and allow Fishbowl to use your microphone
  3. Turn off your wifi on your phone
  4. Close the app and re-open

If you are experiencing other issues before or during the event, reach out to immediately. 

Can’t hear the participant who’s joined? 

They may have sound issues. Welcome them by saying, ”Hi [Name], do you have a question or comment?” If you don’t see any sound movement (indicated by a pink circle moving over their image icon) then please go to the next subject / user. A Fishbowl team member will DM this user to check if they have any questions.

Is there a distracting noise? 

You can mute people if they join with a noisy background by clicking their profile and hitting mute.

How to make a participant leave the stage?

Sometimes participants stick around unintentionally. You can make them leave the stage by tapping on their profile and  then ‘Change to listener.’

What do I do when others are speaking and I can’t control my background noises? 

Mute yourself while other event participants are talking if you cannot control your background noise (e.g., you are typing, pets at home, etc)

Have any more questions?

Contact a Fishbowl team member at and we’ll answer any questions. 

Good luck with your next Fishbowl Live event. We hope you have fun!

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