Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live

Questioning your entire professional existence? Want to hit the career “reset” button in 2022? We get it — and we’re here to help.

, Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live

Introducing our Glassdoor x Fishbowl Live series, “Your Career Crisis Ends Now.” This five-part live audio event series on Fishbowl will unpack your biggest questions, job search hurdles, and more — think strategies for making major pivots, navigating job search trends, and bringing your most authentic self to work (yes, that side of you too). 

Each day we’ll dive into a new topic where you can ask your questions live, with sessions led by award-winning coaches, New York Times best-selling career authors, senior HR leaders, and other industry influencers. The goal? Help you overcome your current (or impending) career crisis and into a job that loves you back… fast.

What’s Fishbowl?

Fishbowl is a social network for professionals of the same industry. Here, you can ask real employees your most burning questions semi-anonymously, from interview advice to salary insights to what life’s really like on the inside. 

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Monday, 12/6: Self-Awareness

, Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live

It’s the old, “it’s not you, it’s me” of the workplace. While, yes, your work environment is likely contributing to your I-need-to-get-out-of-here mindset, before you leap into your next job it’s important to get your own self-awareness in check. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll help create a better workplace vibe for you and your future colleagues and, no doubt, feel happier and more fulfilled for the long term. Learn what it takes to dig deep and gain that critical awareness during this expert-led session. 

Join us with panelists Gabrielle Bosche; Author of “The Purpose Factor”, Brad Stulberg; Executive Coach to Fortune 500 Company leaders & Author of “The Practice of Groundedness”;  Mansi Goel, Executive Coach.

Moderated by Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer at Glassdoor.

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Tuesday, 12/7: Show Up as Your Whole Self

, Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live

We know you want to put your best self forward when you show up to work every day. But, by not showing up fully and authentically you could actually be putting yourself at a major disadvantage. By acknowledging vulnerabilities, asking for help, and showing compassion, you can actually gain greater influence and encourage a more positive, productive culture. So go ahead, be you — and own it. This session will show you how. 

Join us with panelists Fabrice Houdart, Managing Director at Open Leadership; Patricia Sung, Founder Motherhood in ADHD; Guy Primus, CEO at Valence Community.

Moderated by Jacob Little, Sr. Director Talent Acquisition, People Experience, and Diversity and Inclusion at Glassdoor

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Wednesday, 12/8: Education Strategies to Advance Your Career

, Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live


Whether you’re considering a career change or want to sharpen your industry-specific skills, there are countless opportunities to upskill and reskill, especially now. But before investing in your next degree or certification, tune in for this 60-minute gut-check to ensure you’re on the right path for your lifestyle, your goals, and your future — and that (🤞) your employer is footing the bill. 

Join us with panelists Gorick NG, Career Advisor at Harvard, Author of the “Unspoken Rules; Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right”; Kelly Ryan Bailey, Global Skills Evangelist at Emsi and Host of Skills Baby Podcast; Kim Alban, Product Designer at Coursera.

Moderated by Karla Talley, Senior Manager Learning and Development at Glassdoor.

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Thursday, 12/9: Job Search Trends & Tips for 2022

, Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live

We’re in the midst of the Great Reassessment when countless employees and employers are rethinking the future of work. If you’re considering what next, 2022 comes with a host of unique opportunities and hurdles — and this trend-driven session breaks down the big ones so you’re prepared for all that comes next. Join this dynamic expert session and learn how you can best position yourself for professional success, in the new year and beyond. 

Join us with panelists Daniel Zhao, Senior Economist/Lead Data Scientist at Glassdoor; Greg Toroosian, CEO at Samson Rose (Executive Recruiting Company); Tutti Taygerly, Author of “Make Space To Lead” and Executive Leadership Coach.

Moderated by Stephanie Swanbeck, Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner (Product & Design) at Glassdoor. 

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Friday, 12/10: How to get noticed 

, Your Career Crisis Ends Now — Live Audio Event Series — Glassdoor & Fishbowl Live

You’ve had your eye on a particular company for months if not years. But without knowing someone on the inside, how do you get your dazzling resume and A+ credentials in front of the right hiring manager at the exact right time? It’s easier than you think, says Wonsulting & The20’s Co-Founder Jerry (Je Hak) Lee and CEO Jonathan Javier. In this hour-long session, these sought-after career coaches share tips, tricks, and must-tries to ensure you’re delivering a standout resume, nailing your online presence, and scoring more interviews starting now. 

Join us with panelists Jerry (Je Hak) Lee and Jonathan Javier, career influencers and co-founders of @Wonsulting and The20.

Moderated by Bill Romero, Senior Talent  Acquisition Partner (Engineering) at Glassdoor.

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Can’t join us live for an episode? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be posting this event series and all of our Fishbowl Live events on Spotify and Apple Music in early 2022. Check back for more updates!

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