Coronavirus Survey: 81 Percent Feel Unsafe About Their State Re-Opening

In our most recent survey, we asked professionals on Fishbowl one simple question: If your state were to “re-open” now, would you feel safe going to your workplace? Overall, 80.61% responded that they would not feel safe going back to work if their state were to re-open now. Among states with at least 50 employee responses, New York finished with the lowest percentage of employees answering that they would feel safe returning to work now, with just 14.64%. Following closely behind were the District of Columbia (14.65%), Maryland (15.28%), Washington (15.57%), and California (16.05%).  
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Working from Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Everyone seems to have strong feelings about how productive employees are when working from home versus in the office. Regardless which you prefer, the chances are that you're now forced to work remotely, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A recent Fishbowl survey revealed that 31% of employees say 'less synergy with coworkers' is the biggest obstacle while working from home.
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54 Percent of Employees Fear Company Layoffs Due to Coronavirus

We asked Fishbowl users one simple question: “Do you believe the coronavirus will result in layoffs at your company?” Over 17,000 professionals answered with 54.06% saying they believe that the coronavirus will result in layoffs at their company. Advertising industry professionals expressed the most fear about company layoffs, with 65.4% answering with 'Yes.' Conversely, lawyers had the least fear of company layoffs, with only 31.86% answering with ‘Yes.’
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