Employee Vaccination Mandates? 68 Percent Say Yes.

Employee vaccination mandates, Employee Vaccination Mandates? 68 Percent Say Yes.
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After months of decline, the highly contagious delta variant is surging across the U.S, With CDC data suggesting that the new strain is two times more transmissible than the original virus, fear has risen among professionals who are being called back to the office.

To ease reentry anxiety, tech companies such as Doordash, Twitter, Netflix, have mandated their employees to be fully vaccinated before returning to in-person work. Furthermore, these companies have also opted for a flexible work model, offering remote or hybrid options to accommodate their employee’s preferences and in the hope of reducing the spread of Covid-19 within the office and to their loved ones. 

Professionals have turned to Fishbowl, a workplace social network to share their thoughts on employee vaccination mandates. Last week, for instance, one Finance professional shared they were on the fence on whether or not companies should require vaccination to return to the office. 

Another professional suggested that they’d return to the office only when the company requires all workers to be vaccinated.

The Survey:

Taking into consideration these opposing feelings, and the nationwide anxiety surrounding office re-entry with the recent increase in Covid-19 cases, we decided to ask professionals on Fishbowl if they now supported vaccination requirements made by their employers. We asked professionals one simple question: 

“Do you believe companies should require their employees to be vaccinated?”

Professionals could answer with either “Yes” or “No”. The survey ran from August 2, 2021, through August 6, 2021, and was answered by 16,180 professionals on the Fishbowl app. Respondents included employees at companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, McKinsey, Bank of America, Amazon, Edelman, Nike, Google, KPMG, and thousands of others.

Here’s What We Found:

  • Overall: More than half of employees, 67.37%, in all states with at least 100 responses, said “Yes” to supporting their company to mandate vaccine requirements to their employees in order to return to the office.
  • By State: Among the states with 100 responses, DC had the highest percentage, 81.67%, of employees reporting they support their company requiring vaccinations in order to return to the office. Following closely behind DC is Colorado with 80.44% and Maryland with 80.33%. Conversely, the state of Florida responded “Yes” the least with  51.29% of employees saying they supported their employers mandating vaccines followed by Tennessee with 52.33% and Indiana with 53.78%.
Employee vaccination mandates, Employee Vaccination Mandates? 68 Percent Say Yes.
Imagine provided by Fishbowl.

Looking Forward:

As cases across the country continue to rise, more and more companies are deciding to push their return dates back. Recently, Google and Apple announced that they will be delaying their initial return dates to September-October, and Lyft has announced that their return date will be pushed back to February 2022. 

Furthermore, as companies and employees continue to adjust to what the new future will look like, many companies have created a hybrid and remote work options in hopes of providing normality and safety to people.

Since the majority of professionals agree and support their employers mandating vaccine requirements as a prerequisite to getting back into the workforce, we can assume more companies will start requiring them. In the meantime, utilizing masks, washing and sanitizing hands, and staying 6 feet apart is the best way to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and its variants.

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