Half of Professionals Don’t Understand Employers’ Hybrid-Work Plan

Hybrid-Work Arrangements In Jeopardy

In honor of the New Year, a wave of companies announced changes to policies regarding where their employees work. Disney announced employees must return to the office for at least four days a week. Starbucks said staff must be in the office three days a week. These announcements come on the heels of yet another roller coaster ride of breakthrough research and changing policies in 2022

Poll: “Do you understand your company’s hybrid-work plan?”

With more companies set to follow in Disney and Starbucks’ footsteps, we were curious how confident professionals are about their familiarity with their own employer’s work-from-home policy. So we surveyed professionals across all industries to determine if their company has a hybrid-work plan, do they fully understand the policy? 

The Results

Just under 7,300 professionals weighed in and it’s a near-even split. 50.8% of professionals understand their company’s hybrid-work plan and 49.2% do not. 

Looking Ahead

Regardless of where companies stand on the debate over where work should get done, it’s clear that effective internal communication about the policy they implement should be a top priority in 2023.

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