Nearly 30% Of Professionals Use Adderall For Work; 54% Adversely Impacted By Shortage

In October, the FDA announced a nationwide Adderall shortage, citing manufacturing delays at one of the drug’s biggest producers. The shortage has persisted since then, with many different explanations popping up along the way. Some producers say they’re unable to keep up with the demand while others say they’re struggling to obtain a key ingredient. As NPR put it, the shortage is forcing some patients who depend on the drug to scramble, ration, or go without. 

We observed a spike in conversations about the shortage, so we decided to check in with professionals to see if their work performance is being negatively impacted.

Adderall Shortage, Nearly 30% Of Professionals Use Adderall For Work; 54% Adversely Impacted By Shortage

The Survey 

To determine the impact of the recent Adderall shortage on professionals, we posed a simple question:

“Is the current Adderall shortage in America negatively affecting your work performance?”

Participants were asked to choose from three response options: “Yes,” “No,” or “I don’t use Adderall at work.” The survey was conducted from February 17 – 22, 2023, and received responses from 13,516 professionals on the Fishbowl app. Respondents represented a wide range of companies, including Amazon, Bank of America, Edelman, Google, IBM, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Meta, Nike, Twitter, and many more. 

The Results 

Professionals are using Adderall for Work: Out of the 13,516 survey respondents, more than a quarter (28%) of professionals reported using Adderall at work, while 72% of professionals said they do not take it.

Professionals have been negatively affected by the shortage: Out of the professionals who do take Adderall, over half (54%) say the shortage is negatively affecting their work performance. 

 By Industry: ​​Among the eight industries represented in the findings, the Advertising & Marketing Industry was the most severely affected by the Adderall shortage, as 60% of its workers reported a negative impact on their performance. The Law industry closely followed with 59% reporting negative impact, followed by Accounting with 57%. The Healthcare industry had the lowest impact, with only 47% of its workers reporting any negative effect of the Adderall shortage, while the Tech industry came in slightly higher at 51%.

What about Finance & Consulting? Both of these industries shared the fifth spot, with 53% of their respective workers negatively impacted. 

By Gender: The impact of the medication shortage was greater on women than on men. Specifically, 60% of women and 50% of men said they’re performance has taken a hit due to the shortage. 

Looking Ahead 

If you are a professional affected by the shortage of Adderall, the FDA advises scheduling a meeting with a psychiatrist or prescriber to explore various options for coping with ADHD symptoms. 

Additionally, Fishbowl is dedicated to providing assistance to professionals with ADHD during these challenging times. We welcome individuals with ADHD to join our ADHD communities (listed below), where thousands of members connect with each other, exchange experiences of being a professional with ADHD, and share strategies for achieving their best potential. 

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