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works at Public High School in CA
I’m a new 3rd grade teacher. Have
a wonderful boy in my class who is shy to speak up. I’ve tried encouraging him directly but don't want to push and put him in an uncomfortable position. Has
anyone out there dealt with this?
Andrea Hughes
Elementary School Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
Budget cuts came hard this year.
And my husband lost his job
recently as well. Need some help finding a resource for getting help
with school supplies. Any guidance out there?
High School Art Teacher
Yes this is very common! What I try to do is set up activities during class where every student participates out loud in some way. By making it sort of standard for all, I have found this tends to help the kids who are nervous about standing out, cause there is less of a spotlight on them in a way. Direct Message me and let’s chat more!
Sarah Safe
Elementary School Teacher, Darien, IL
There are some great organizations out there to help with this, but personally I did a Kickstarter campaign last year and was able to raise $2,500 for my supplies for the year! As hard as times can be, its also a nice reminder that people out there support and love teachers.
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