2021 Salary Reflections...

Did you: jump a bracket? get a raise? learn it's time to negotiate?

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Started 2021 at $64k at a job where I had 4YOE out of college (25yo).

Got an offer in Feb. for $88k at a new agency, took the job.

Got an offer in April for $100k at a smaller boutique agency, which I declined.

In October, got 2 offers: 1 for $115k to go in-house, and another significantly lower offer, but it was in Europe to work with Netflix.

Ended up turning down the $115k offer to take the chance to live/work abroad, for a company I could see myself working for long-term.

We’ll see if I made the right move by not following the money and following the opportunity


2019 Fulltime, 100K
2020 Fulltime, 100K
2021 Freelance, 350K

To my previous Full time agencies that constantly praised my work but never gave me that promotion or raise because “budget cuts” “covid cuts” or “it’s a process because we’re a conglomerate”.

1. Thank you for all your business this year doing my same job but actually charging you for it.
2. Being so shitty I quit and found freelance and IM NEVER GOING BACK BYEEEE


I haven’t had to go under 1.2 at 8 yrs experience, so I think I’m in a good spot then. Thanks for the info 🙏🏻

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2019: Fulltime, 120k
2020: Freelance, 180k
2021: Freelance, 250k

Doubled my salary in two years, hard to justify going back.


Honestly if you have a good book there’s tons of work out there, I passed on two gigs last week. ACD is a great level to be at since you can handle jobs with little oversight. At 8 years experience I’ve never billed under 1200/day. Feel free to DM if you have more questions about taking the plunge


I was given a raise from $105K to $124K in the springtime.

I am on the verge of accepting an offer for $224K at a company with better growth and opportunities.


You hiring on your team haha

2020 $135k

Quit to go freelance beginning in 2021

2021 $257k

Why didn't I do this sooner?


2020:35k + OT
2021: 60k (promoted internally)
2021: 80K (lateral move)

Not on the scale of some increases in this chain, but I’m stoked on it. Quality of life shot up drastically.


Was given a raise and a bonus without asking. Was f’ing awesome.


Went from 65k to 220k total comp. 2021 was an exciting year. Never would’ve thought a year ago I’d be where I’m at now.


@cd1 Honestly not sure work life balance will be any better. I had it pretty good at my last agency. But yes tech has bigger pockets. Comes with trade offs but I’m still excited about it.

No raise; job searching. But was pleasantly surprised that the bonus I expected to be $15k after taxes ended up being $39k! 🙌🏻


2020 - $135k
2021 - $153k + $75k equity payout = $228k (not a terrible year)


Beginning of 2020 40k end of 2021 80k


Got an 8% raise from $125k to $135k. Around 7 YOE in industry with ~2 out of industry.

Jan 2020 - started jr role at 60K + OT
Dec 2020 - earned 72K by eoy, compensation changed to salary kept junior role
Mid 2021 - started as a mid level at a new agency (80K salary + one time signing bonus)
Dec 2021 - got a raise (100K)

Just curious, why do you feel you can’t reveal too much? (I don’t see anything that strikes me as negative or compromising)

2019: 95k
2020: 110k
2021: 165k

Know your worth, speak up for yourself and advocate your work

90K / Nov 2020 / Senior Designer
102K / April 2021 / Digital Art Director
125K / Jan 2022 / Senior Designer

6—7yrs out of college excluding internships
2020 freelance: $130k
2021 freelance: $134k
2022 fulltime: $119k, this was after negotiations but planning to keep freelancing

I actually had a difficult time finding a salary jump as a graphic/brand designer wanting to go fulltime. I’m now at a midsized but well known tech company but still the highest I got was $119k, which is the highest ft salary I’ve ever had. It would be my first brand designer title however, which is why I took it. And steady income and network.

My reflection: if you know your worth (really and truely, not just wishful thinking) you can always trust the market.

I’ll be starting a new role this year and I’m ~45% above their original max salary target. They interviewed me before asking, but were so impressed that they went and found the money to bring me in. They saw the value, crunched some numbers, and made a business decision that I’ll make them more than they pay me.

The market works when everyone is above board.

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L8 folks, how much hike and bonus you got?
Quite new to Accenture, not sure what the standard hike % here is.

Salary check. Working at am 100, this is my 10th yr. Salary is $180k. Billing about 1650/yr. Good? Bad? Crazy?


How do you compare a senior software engineer job in OCBC bank vs a fast growing startup with good culture and learning opportunities in Singapore?
I have job offer from both these companies. Ocbc offer is slightly higher because I negotiated with my startup offer.


Feeling depressed even though I have two SM offers in hand and looking for advice. My first choice is Deloitte due to the type of work, slightly better comp and I’d like a change in culture, but I’m in my early 40s and the path to principal seems like a no-go due to age. Sounds like the path to MD isn’t clear and a huge step below principal. Accenture has a very clear path to MD. Even though I’m currently at accenture my network will not come into play. So let’s not consider that a factor.


I hope there is some scam going on in the name of Fujitsu India consulting.
Last week I got selected and they collected documents after week they rejected saying high expectations. Earlier they accepted for same salary hike.

Same happened for my friend today. He also got selected and they collected all the acedemic , previous company documents salary slips and they rejected him saying same.

They could have told the same when they ask for salary expectations. I feel something fishy.

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How much would you expect as a base for FDD manager 2 (soon to be in oct) if I were to lateral from EY to other big 4? I’m in HCOL. (Less than NYC and SF)


How many remote jobs do you currently have, and how do you manage your time between the two roles?

Bonus points if you share the industry you are in and your total salary from working all your roles.


Hello fishes,
Please help me with my in-hand salary calculation.

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Hi ! What do you think could be a great/honest salary for a Sales engineer role, based on EMEA (Netherlands) with 3+ years of experience.? The company is a famous company of Kubernetes ecosystem.


What is the hand salary for 20LPA ctc fixed?


I was told by my manager that I’ll be getting a promotion and a comp raise about a month and a half ago. It hasn’t happened yet and he keeps saying HR is slow to respond. Is there anything that can be done or do I just keep waiting around?


Any Grainger Commercial Account Executives that can verify base salary range and OTE? Any heads up on benefits would be great as well.


Hi all,
I am Flutter and Android developer with 3+ YOE much of which is freelancing experience. Previous CTC was 4.3 LPA.

What should be the expected CTC for me for a Flutter Developer role?

I am being offer 5.8 LPA.


How much do recruiters make at places like B4 or MBB? What about at tech companies like Netflix? I’ve seen people transition from consulting to recruiting, so does that mean it can be lucrative?


60% of women say they've never negotiated their salary— to all my admins who work at big4’s.
Can we start a trend where we share -
our salary, company, location and title.


Looking for advice. Currently work for top 5 insurance broker on the P&C agency side as a commercial account manager. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years. Next year, I will graduate with my MBA. My question is how do I transition to the company side and what roles should I target? Bonus points if you can tell me the minimum salary for the role you suggest!


What's the in-hand salary if fixed is 7.60 lakh ?


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More details in comments


Recently got offered from Infosys. Can we accept the offer now in Launchpad and not join if I have a better offer?


Anyone know much about the M&A tax insurance industry? Getting recruited for a role on a small team that I don’t know much about.


At my uncles wedding in Madrid I remember lying down on the grass in the courtyard after their first dance and crying, my Dad came and saw me, laid down in his suit beside me and asked what was wrong.

“I know my boyfriend wouldn’t dance with me like that at our wedding”

And we just lay there as I cried, and then got up. Had a drink.

Said boyfriend left years ago, and now I have a wonderful man who just asked me what type of dance lessons I want for our wedding next year.

Don’t give up.


Where do you sign up to get a vaccine in MD?


I’ve been working in marketing/advertising for a few years now, and I would love to move into something internal where I can utilize the organizational, process driven skills I’ve honed over the years in account management. Ive had others suggest moving into a project or resource management role in either tech or corporate construction— wondering if anyone here does that and could chat with me about their day to day.

Hi, I need to know the average salary a DBA should be getting having experience working on both on-premise and AWS cloud? I feel I'm underpaid and need to know how much raise should I ask from my manager?
Cctc 14lpa
Tech- Sql, couchbase, postgres
YOE- 2.5


Anyone working in CEO&ES here that could provide insight on what types of projects they work on? I’ve been in contact with the M&A team regularly and am thinking about making the change out of my current practice.


Does AFS have a specialist track equivalent to Deloitte GPS specialist master, leader, etc?


Have about 1 YOE. Should I be applying to entry level roles or experienced rolls? Based on job description, I don’t have the experience to fit into these.


Did you send a save the date to everyone in your guest list or just certain people?


I will be moving to Seattle in a couple of months and wanted some advice on potential areas for a great living experience . I’d like to live in a condo - be next to a grocery story and a park for early morning I gotta workouts (but don’t need to be in the city) . Anyone have any recommendations ?


when do most lateral IB analyst openings pop up?


Does Stryker or Medtronic have more long term upside?


Hi Fishes

Need referral. It would really help me to land on a good job.

Serving notice period. LWD is 5th September.
Skills : java, mongodb, Kafka, elasticsearch, microservice etc

Thanks in advance.

https://www.am22tech.com/uscis/perm-processing-time/ Is this info correct on perm dates? My receipt date is sept 17, so if not selected for audit, I could expect some news in 2-3 weeks?


Hi Fishes,

Wanted to know which one is better option to choose in terms of Work/Life balance, Career growth,hike and job security?

1. Deloitte India
2. Accenture

Skills- SAP CPI
YOE- 2+



Hey are there any Navy (military) pharmacist out there? How do y’all like it?


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Big 4 Senior Managers 🐠!
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Looking through the Reddit and Fishbowl consulting + salary threads as well.


ACD in KC?

Does 75k sound right for a strategist in Chicago with 2-3 years of experience? I've heard 80 might be too high with only 2 years in

What do agencies do when you don’t want a promotion but your salary moves higher than your rank due to your 5% yearly raises? Let you got despite the good reviews that got you those raises?

27/NYC/4 years exp/F/83k

SAE range in LA?


👋🏻 Hello 💸 What would be the salary range for a visual designer in San Francisco? Client side 🤫