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Strange Fis was always considered as good product based co.with good job security


Then why this news is not getting viral on any other platform like linkedin or social media platforms likewise for google amazon Ms


There were some posts on LinkedIn by employees who were fired.


Is this true news ?

Yeah ofcourse

FIS is firing Managers as well

No use of making this viral as all other tech companies are doing same instead can focus on job switch.

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I’m weighing an offer from Deloitte GPS in Human Capital (consultant level, 2.5 YOE). I’ve seen previous posts about all the people Deloitte laid off last year and I’m a bit nervous to accept because of it. Does anyone know if Deloitte is still doing layoffs? Was/Is it in commercial or GPS? And what were the reasons for the layoffs?


🏆 Inspo Thread 🏆
Getting laid off is tough—let's use this thread to lift each other up and share any inspiration or encouragement you've encountered while navigating this difficult time.


Just got benched, been completely billable till now, how long until I should be worried about potential layoffs? (Even though management is “committed” to not letting people go during covid)

My little sister got engaged today. She’s so in love and she truly found her soulmate. I’m so happy for her but I can’t help but feel bad for me. She’s always been an over achiever and has always “beat” me in everything (job, looks, love, social life etc). She and her fiancé are moving into a nice new condo in an amazing city while I’m single and stuck with my parents because I got laid off during Covid. I love my sister, but I’m so sad about my current state. I don’t know how to feel better.


He fired Vindman’s twin brother too. What a petty, small man this President* has turned out to be. Thank you GOP for showing your true colors in electing this dotard into office.


Hi everyone,

I was affected by layoffs about a month ago and urgently looking for a good immigration lawyer. The lawyer should be experienced in handling this 60 day grace period situation and developing alternate strategies - such as change of status to B1/B2 or applying to jobs from India. There is a lot of noise and wrong information going in the market so looking for good recommendations. 

I have very little time left for my grace period to end and need a consultation soon. Thanks


When will be the next round of Digital Nexus layoffs in Montvale?

I have a concern about an ex co worker whom was fired at the beginning of the week for poor attendance. Before being fired she was harassing me constantly sending me paragraphs of why she was mad at me and then would come in hug me and kiss my cheeks and apologize & then do it again. This happened a handful of times. She has come into work everyday since being fired just walking around. She has been texting my friends making up stories about me. Is there anything I can do? I thought it was over.


H&R Block Bloc

Hi, recently laid off got this offer. Can anyone let me know if this a good offer for Software engineer at H&R block with base package of 105k + 10k sign on bonus (with visa sponsorship ) for 5.5 yrs of exp as SE?

Is there a stock component im missing discussing with the recruiter?

Location -Kansas City,MO


I recently got an offer from accenture. But I am not sure about job security as I heard accenture has laid off many employee. Need your input on this please.



Lost Cdn clients, work slowed. ECD set up a meeting next wk to discuss working on clients from a US office. Aside from arranging for an emotional support clown, any advice on preparing for layoff?

Now with a plan for things getting back to normal it would be a good time to address an elephant in the BigLaw Bowl. Who here has been laid off due to Covid or just during Covid? I admit I have.


Maybe this is a vague question but seeing the current situation - Is it possible for PwC AC Bglr to start layoffs due to mass hiring in past and large bench strength. Many guys are on bench for a long time ,will current situation have an effect on those. Pwc AC PwC


Hi everyone, unfortunately I was recently affected by a layoff at my company. About 30% of their marketing department along with other departments were all let go. I have 3+ professional experience with product marketing, digital marketing, and event management. Im on the hunt for a new job and am fairly new to this lovely city. If you know of anyone looking for marketing specialists or would like to network let me know. Id love to connect!


Is severance common at big four? If so what's a typical amount?


Thoughts on asking for a new manager?

So my current CD kinda doesn't give any direction. They look at what I've done and change like one word. Maybe I'm an acd and I don't need much oversight? They also ask me to help lighten their load but never know what needs to be done and tell me to ask the account or design team. I just don't think they are super interested in working any more. 1 junior and a mid level already asked to leave this team. I don't wanna cause trouble or get them (or me) fired


Morning! Being laid off sux, I been down this road 5x in my career it never bets easier.

Dust off contacts and make your rounds
* if you’re in a good position to take time off do some, seems we all need a mental break anyway


Would someone mind sending me links for any resources that exist for those who have been laid off? (Companies hiring/Available creatives). Had some super talented friends get laid off today 😞


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What would be a C10 salary at Citi in the London office?

Any resources about this would be appreciated! @citi

Any U.K. agencies worth looking into?

Recommendations for best place to get a bikini/Brazilian wax in Chicago?


Best place to expense dinner in Boston?


🏆What are your best tips for becoming a top performer?

Drop them below, help another user!


Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Hi 👋 What is the maximum CTC Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions can offer for level 51 Location is coimbatore How is the learning curve and career growth at Bosch Automotive domain


Best website(s) or resources to learn SQL?


Do you have to tell HR future employer and position if the future employer is the firm’s client?


Best places for couples massage in Denver ?


Hey Fishes / IBMers

How many years it takes to get Band 9 from Band 8 and how much is the hike we get during promotion ?


I miss customer facing and traveling. Especially the travel but I know that comes with it’s own pros and cons having a family. I’m currently in Tech but also have 5 years aid account executive experience and just don’t feel a passion for Saas. I’m curious to know what are good jobs that require travel in different job categories? I would like the opportunity to work for a company who also has an international presence. Have a desire for international business as well, it’s not a must.


Would love to get advice from people who did the forte MBA pre launch program. Do you have any advice for people applying / suggestions for building a strong profile? And do you think the program was worth it?


Hi Fishes

My current company has been acquired and is under going restructuring and lots of exits from past management.

Immediately looking for change.

2 yrs exp post MBA and 2 yrs before that as an engineer (non IT/CS)

Current: Finance and product analyst.
Skills: Ms Excel, Excel dashboards, SQL server, Jira, tableau.
Data analysis, financial data analysis, Sprint planning, collaborating with engineers to solve finance data issues.

Need some guidance on where and what roles I can apply.


Just got done with a final case interview. He didn’t have questions because we were over time but he said if he thought it was not worth hearing, he would have interrupted me. Then he said usually no questions is a good sign. He mentioned there are 2 other final interviews today so he needs to decide from 3 people. Finally he said that the offer will take until next week so you can hear something from us then?

Fishbowl peeps, am I getting this job?


Any Financial Solutions Advisors out there? What is the pay like and how do you like your job?
I currently work as an Investment Solutions Rep at Fidelity making $55k plus about $12-15k in bonuses. A recruiter reached out about the FSA position and it sounds like a sizeable raise, but is it an enjoyable position? What exactly do you do? How difficult are the metrics?

What is the biggest (hottest) legal issue for your company? What keeps you up at night?


My mom is in love with my cat and wishes she was a cat so bad so that she can date him


So, I’m struggling. Used to be a pathological saver and had tons on money anxiety. Now, I have totally fallen victim to lifestyle creep and need to cut back on frivolous expenses (eating out and clothing). I’m SO ashamed that my monthly spend is so high (approx $7k/month). I make big law money and can afford it but I am stunned at how easily I spend money now. I’d like to divert more of that cash to retirement, but I need to rein in that spending before I do. Good god.


Coming sooner than you think

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Additional Posts in FIS Global

Hi.. did anyone join FIS Global recently. Wanted to know after onboarding, in how many we will receive the laptop?
And till we receive the lap, dont we have anyone contacting us??


Hi, How can we transfer PF from FIS Global to Mindtree ??? .

In PF portal still FIS Global PF account is not closed i mean they didn't update LWD there.

It has been done 4 months already to leave FIS and join Mindtree

Kindly tell the process.

Hi Fishes,
Currently I have offers from Airtel, FIS and Accenture. Which do you guys think should I consider joining?

Also, will I be blacklisted if I decline an accepted offer after a month?


Hi ,

Can any one know how much FIS offer for Team Lead position

FIS Global I recently joined FIS payment solutions and services with main priority as work life balance (lots of positive comments in Glassdoor regarding work life balance) but it is worse than my previous company! Late night tasks, weekend work and meetings on very late night or early morning.

So is FIS payment solutions different from FIS global?

Should I check for outside other jobs? Still in probation. Please advise 🙏🏼


What is P5 band in FIS ? And do they give variable pay 100% ?

Has anyone received an email about role impact meeting. I have heard many people has received it today and that might be the reason for salary delay.


Hi Fishes,
What is the resignation procedure in
FIS Global India after workday stuff?
Can we courier the Laptop? Or do we need to go to the office physically?

PS: I am still on probation period.

FIS Global


Hello Guys...can someone tell me what happens if we not able to crack OPF (Open payment framework) exam in FIS after two attempts...
Does some one has screenshot of questions ?


hi sharks
anybody can let me know what is lead analyst implementation conversion senior profile In Fis global
What is there responsibilities??


Howz work pressure in business analyst profile in FIS Global? I got a offer with designation as senior lead analyst.


Hi All,

Received offer letter from FIS global (offered CTC - 10.5 LPA in Pune)and BNP Paribash (offered CTC - 15 LPA in Bangalore).

Where should I join for career growth…


Hi, Can anyone give information on the hierarchy for QAs?

I have been given the role of " Senior Lead Engineer - Testing / InP - Software Test Analyst"

Also, how about AAF project. Ambit Asset Finance


Hi Fishes, got offer from FISglobal. Please help me with pros and cons. TIA.


Hey how to get pluralsight access?

Hi FIS Global
Am having 3 years of experience in Automation testing role. Can anyone let me know if any openings avail.TIA
Note : am a Immediate joiner.



Can anyone explain why we have to repay 18% GST on retention bonus in FIS. Is it legal clause in terms of government law. Also can we declare this repaid retention bonus in income tax return to get tax benefit?