A few good openings at Healthy.io- health tech start-up in Boston. Happy to connect anyone with the hiring team. Marketing, Account/Customer success roles open and developer opportunities to follow.

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Hi! I don't have the ability to DM as of yet, but I would definitely be interested in a customer/client success role if it can be remote. Would that be a possibility?



I’d love to see the marketing opportunities!


Let me know if that came through!

Any entry level/junior product roles opening up soon?


Hello- I'd love to see the marketing opportunities as well. TIA.

I would love to learn more about the account/customer success roles!

I’d love info on the acct mgt/customer success roles if they’re remote!

How senior does the MKTing role get?

It’s reporting into the Head of US Marketing. This role will be marketing person #2 and help drive and grow the team and US Strategy.


I would love more info on the customer success role!

Hello! I would love to hear more about the customer success roles.

Are they remote so we could apply if we don't live in Boston?

Unfortunately we are 3 days/week in the Boston office

Would be very interested in the customer success roles!

Would be very interested to see an opportunity that’s IT manager for Remote.

Hi can you check for Project Manager roles, also am in India so will they be able to sponsor?

Hi, I sent a private message! Have a great rest of week!

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Hi everyone! Local young woman here looking at a position at WellMed, pivoting from a career in tech project management. Is anyone here able to provide a referral or tips on the process? Thanks in advance!


Any Deloitte or EYP folks hiring for IT M&A DD/PMI Sr Cons. or Manager levels? Interested in making a switch..


Hi is there any opening in Gartner for operations or talent management profile?


Has anyone else had a mentor (assigned to them by the Company) who seemed to have it out for you? I mean downright sabotage to make you look bad left and right. I didn’t realize it at first. She was fake friendly, but she was discrete too. Some of the executives thought she was amazing, but I had to clean up her work all the time. She wasn’t above me either on the chain of command. Later I found out she had tried for the exec assistant role and they didn’t choose her, they wanted me instead.


We are recruiting for a top pharmaceutical healthcare agency that is 100% remote.

Client: "Find us 37 HCP/DTC copywriters"
Us: "Let's go!

The client has been hugely responsive, great to work with, has streamlined their interview process and greatly communicative with their prospects.

It has been night and day with some other clients dragging their feet in making decisions and scheduling up to 8 interviews.

Clients, candidates, job seekers, hiring managers, - our most valuable thing is time


I have two questions. I have 10 years of experience in multiple sectors and I have been trying to gain a leadership position. I am attempting my PHR this summer but what are some tips in order for me to obtain a leadership position? Also, how long does it take to obtain another position out of state? I am trying to move to Houston but I don’t want to move until I am confident I can obtain a position in the city before packing up and leaving.


What is the maximum CTC offered to a consultant role in Technology consulting?

Tech stack - .Net & Angular
YOE - 3.5


Opening in Wissen Technology. dm me for referral.

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I'm looking to find a job like the Forward Deployed Engineer role Palantir Technologies in the UK.

I have become hooked on finding a job that involves solving the kinds of problems they presented during their interviews. Although I got to the final round my performance anxiety got the better of me (I think I wanted the job a bit too much...). I will reapply after working in a similar company.

Is it "deep tech" / "data science" or "smart enterprise" that they're doing? Any advice welcome.


Dear fishes, we have openings for SAS programmer. Interested persons ping me


I'm trying to get into MBB for SC strategy consulting roles. I'm working for a boutique analytics consulting firm and I've done a fair bit of Supply Chain Modeling. Any leads would be helpful!

How often are you tasked with dealing with administrative and commercials in your in house role? Lately I have been receiving loads of commercials and constantly asked for summaries etc; however, this seems like something a contract manager or specialist should be doing. Also, I have been asked to update reports dealing with commercial values now, which again seems out of the scope of my role…

Hi Consultants::: I need to relocate to Hyderabad due to unavoidable situations...

Any help for a suitable position Into Senior roles like GM and above?

Pl do dm .... I can meet if need be.

Thanks in advance...


Hi Guys,
Anyone joined CTS as lateral hires still in bench more than 30 days. If you got the project recently, pls guide how to get the project.

And if have openings in ADM domain let me know


Trump slowed down testing, eliminated funding for testing, and now he's taking away insurance for poor and unemployed. Why does he still have support?


I've been at my current company for 15 years and 17 in the insurance industry. I'm struggling to even get a callback to interview. In a year, I've had one callback. I've sought out input on my resume from folks at the Executive level and there aren't any red flags. Am I just too entrenched and the long tenure scares employers or what?


We need weekly mental health days at work. 🥹🥺


Laid off job seeker! Let go from well known late stage startup. Sales Development Manager, and would like to continue in the XDR/sales leadership route.

7+ years in tech sales, 4 in high tech SaaS, 3 years of management experience overall, was at
Adobe prior to latest company, starting as a strategic enterprise IC, then as a GTM Program Manager for the BDR organization. 2 years prior before that in AE management. Denver Based, open to remote!


Looking for senior designers that knows shopper marketing. Please DM with books!

So I had a call with a with a recruiter two weeks ago and she asked for my salary range and I told her $120k-$150k she said she would submit me me at $140-$150 well the role was put on hold due to an acquisition. She has referred me for another role and we had the preliminary discussion but salary wasn’t mentioned should I assume that it’s the same salary range or should I inquire and is so how should I frame my inquiry?


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I heard about another Partners Only bowl .. can any of you share invite code to it?


Welcome! Let's talk crypto


Trying to go Athens-Chicago and there's a 1 stop flight from Frankfurt to Chicago (30k miles) but can only get two stop starting in Athens if I use 15k miles for first leg (Athens to Frankfurt)...


Hi Folks,

I am looking for a embedded software in product based company. It would be great if someone can refer me in product based company.

YoE 7 yrs
Key skills: embedded software, embedded C, embedded linux, communication protocols.


Dumping 20% of my paycheck into the Roth 401k. Gotta take advantage of my ultra low tax rate my first year. Taxation is theft.


I was checking for groups of Autism Therapists ( ABA Therapist) and this was one that I found close to what I was looking for.
I would like to hear if any of you guys know how much an Instructor Therapist with 3-4 years of experience in the field could ask for a position in the Toronto area, Canada.
I would really appreciate it if any of you could provide me with some insight into it!


Tekion Corp.v/s Juniper Networks. Base salaries almost same.(just that Tekion will give stocks( not yet listed company though), while Juniper has a variable component in CTC. Can someone please help to finalize the decision on which one to join based on work, growth, WLB?

Is financial due diligence a good area to transfer to from audit? If the end goal is to be better at financial deal evaluations and financial decisions?


Anyone here 40s never married, no kids?


Anyone have openings in CyberSoc , endpoint security , Azure , sentinel, defender ,mcas, crowdstrike, please let me know .looking for switch


Any F 🐠 from Philly around? 28M here!


What’s a nice and fun place to go for New Year’s Eve. We originally wanted to go to Miami but the hotels prices are wild.


I've been working 4 years as a software engineer in the Bay Area now. My initial stock options have finally vested fully. This is how I feel:

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So what’s the recruiting role look like for everyone?Are you enjoying it? Extremely busy these days?

Please help me choosing between societe generale and [24.7].ai.
I need to make a decision fast.


Anyone here receive a watch as a wedding gift from your wife/in-laws? If so let’s see it! I’ll start. I received this Aqua Terra almost 7 years ago and it’s been well worn and loved and keeping perfect time, still hasn’t needed a service.

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Anyone going to the Swedish House Mafia concert in September?


Any Korean 동료/선배s on here from P Dubs? Looking to meet more Korean ppl in the firm~

HMU! Would love to meet up at the office or in-person - based in NYC.

I am a technical consultant at Deloitte looking to exit. Are there any companies actively hiring right now?


Additional Posts in Job Referrals!

Anyone open to referring for a position at Salesforce ? I have been really interested and recently found a role within the sales team that matches my experience! Happy to share resume and more on my experience. TIA!

Feeling stuck at my firm and wanting to shift to a more reputable firm. Currently working within finance transformation and would appreciate some resume feedback or referrals if possible.


Hi I am new here and would love some likes so that I can DM people. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! I am also looking for digital/performance manager marketing role.


Hi All,

I am looking for a referral for the company KOHO in Ontario, Canada. I am a HR professionals with 3 years of experience - 2 years in Recruitment and 1 year in Operations. I am a recent graduate from Durham College, completed my Human Resources Management post-graduation certificate. I am available and eligible to start working full-time, immediately. Any help would be appreciated!


Happy Friday!! Could anyone refer me to Alvarez & Marsal restructuring?