Advice- My team were all given a raise in March except me. I brought it up to my manager who recently started. First reaction was I am still new and a raise wasn’t warranted. I told him 2 other recruiters on my team started when I did. He said he would need to look into it. Today he told me 3 of my HM’s don’t feel supported (despite having the 2nd most hires) and I could either resign or go on a PIP. I’m the only minority on my team have double the req load and supporting the most dept.

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I would dig into the why’s more - this sounds like implicit/unconscious bias. Document everything. Record the convo privately if you need to. Take it to HR if you sense the red flags. And in the meantime, start job searching for somewhere you will be valued


Come with the numbers and the facts and request where it’s been mentioned to you that’s your managers don’t feel supported by you. This has happened to me and I 100% mentioned being the minority in the group out performing everyone on the team and my workload ( showed the numbers) and mentioned that I don’t get the same consideration for promotions and increases. There seems to be a bias and if there’s no one above ur VP of HR you go to who they report to in my case it was the CEO. But put everything in writing don’t do anything over the phone that’s not recording both ends.


Do you have an ethics reporting of some kind or internal legal depth? I would try those.


There is no documentation to me since I’ve been here addressing performance issues.

Sounds like everyone was asked for feedback except you. I would ask for an opportunity to provide feedback on how the team is going so leaders can have a balanced picture. You might be a lone wolf high performer, and so it’s important your experience is included in the decisions so it’s not just the squeaky wheels getting the oil.


Given that your Manager is new to the company, it sounds like they are trying to make an impression and win over the stakeholders at your expense. They said you could resign or go on a PIP gives me the impression they already have had a conversation with HR and have created a bias towards your work.

Is there any possibility that your stakeholders may not be happy with your method or quality of work? You have the second-highest number of hires, but part of Recruitment is also managing stakeholders' expectations. Yes, you are overloaded, which can make it very difficult, but did you try to understand them and let them know what was feasible and give them options?

A Mentor once told me that sometimes we could hit all of our targets, but if our method/delivery is questionable, what good is it to hit our targets? If you think or have a good relationship with these stakeholders, ask for honest, candid feedback and find out how they value your work.

Based on the feedback you get from the stakeholders, it would tell you your options. If it is all positive, ask HR if you can switch to a different Manager and state your case. If they can't change, you know you need to find another job.
If stakeholder feedback is mixed or constructive, go to the Manager and let them know you didn't realize there was an opportunity to grow and develop and that you would like that opportunity. See if they coach and develop you based on how they interact with you after talking to them in the next couple of weeks.


This sound so fishy. I also believe you were targeted because of your minority status from the information you have provided. Honestly if it were me, I wouldn’t go down easily specially when it comes to something like discrimination and then being retaliated against for asking for an explanation.


I wouldn’t explicitly talk about race, but present all the evidence in such a way that they will have no choice but to defend against what you are implying.

Keep a burn folder 📁 and a positive feedback folder 📁 these people have conveniently selective memory!!! They forget when you’ve done well but if you ever slip up it’s etched on their memory forever.

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Just a scenario.

You get an offer from company 1 with decent pay (7lpa), but can we say we already have an offer from another company (8lpa) (even if we don't have one)?
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Things like when you answer his question he respond: I know that
Or when he keeps on saying my change requests were just minor in group meeting but actually not.
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Hello peeps,
I’m an SC and new to Deloitte Australia. I had few questions.
1. When/which month do we get increments/hikes in a year? Is it twice a year or just once?
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I have a incompetent senior consultant on my project. Doesn’t do any work and knows nothing about the subject matter of the project? Shifts all tasks to the consultants on the project. Has anyone...


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For those out there who left a PI or med mal firm for a different practice, where did you go and why?


Moving offices within the same firm. My firm pays different rates per office and I want to move to nyc from an off market office. How would you approach that convo?


Hello Fishes, Can someone give a referral I'm looking for job change. Current company:Cisco Domain: Networking protocols testing/design/validation/troubleshooting/consulting. YOE: 12 Exp work location: Bangalore

When will work resume from office?


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I’m a technology leader/Architect with 20 plus years of experience and have done both Integration and transformation for multiple clients undergoing M&A. Heavily into hyperscalers, presales etc. Recently trying to zero in further on the end to end M&A process catching up with executive education etc. Is there a decent place for someone like me within the deal team? If so what positions should I target? Thanks in advance!

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New thing for me to experience. The UX is a bit complex which can be simplified, isn't it ?

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Hi, I have approx 9 years of experience and given 3rd round of interview which was director round in last week for Senior Software Engineer position. I went well and he mentioned that feedback is good, they will match CTC of 37 LPA which is offered by other organization and also give good number of RSU's.

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How much time they take after director round for further process?
How much RSU's I can expect and how's its value is calculated in qualys?

Yoga nidra is my new favorite self care. I sleep deeper, and it doesn't deplete my precious energy. No side effects or injuries, either.

I love Mindful Movement on YouTube, and she has a yoga nidra vid. Audible also has some, I love Dare to Rest by Karen Brody, and the free one Practical Yoga Nidra by Scott Moore is good too.


Additional Posts in Human Resources

Hello everyone,

I am currently a HR Generalist for a small aerospace company, located in CA. I have been in a generalist role for a little over 4 years now and before that, I did recruiting/safety for about 3 years. I am now looking into getting my HR Certification, but am stuck in between the PHR-CA or the SHRM-CP. Does anyone have any recommendations they can give me?


I’m curious, I Just had a Canadian company reach out for a remote recruiter role. Upon asking them for their benefits package specially since they have no physical presence in the US, I was told they don’t share that unless they are closer to making an offer.

Is this normal ? Most US companies share their benefits package with pride usually upon your first meeting. What’s your take on this? Would you invest time interviewing and not knowing what kind of benefits you will get ?


Can anyone at a company like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc tell me about the breakdown of a Recruiters job? For example, when I worked in agency recruitment, it was 100% sourcing. Working for a healthcare system now, it is more about the candidate experience, much less sourcing, and focusing on the candidates who do apply (thankfully we have a great reputation).

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My current employer would like to terminate an employee but give them a two week notice, ex: letting them know tomorrow their last day is 1/15. Is this standard?


I had my PHR back in early 2000, then made a career change to a paramedic (I know, right). I called SHRM and they said I'm eligible to test again even though I only currently have 1.5 yrs of HR.

I purchased the online study guide and it seems that HR has gone in a completely different direction - more operations related than employee relations etc.

Did anyone find this online training to be helpful? I test in July, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - lauren


Which certification we would you recommend for career advancement to be an HR manager? PHR or SHRM? Any other certification I should consider? Pros and cons would be greatly appreciated!


Please advise on how to kindly get an employee to convert to scrubs or changing clothes?

Situation: I work at a small healthcare Staffing agency. One of our employees has been wearing the same clothes since the day she started for over a month now. She is well groomed and clean. The management at our client site felt bad that many people have taken notice to this unusual "self made uniform" if you will. We already emailed the employee asking to wear scrubs to... (see comment for rest)


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What do you think it means for L&D or HR to be a strategic business partner?


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We are a 13000 headcount company and offer only PPO medical plans to employees.If we want to offer a different Medicare plan to a business unit in California which has headcount of 30, can anyone suggest what’s the best option ?


Looking for a new HR opportunity in the Madison, WI area, or remote work. Any leads out there? 19 years experience, SHRM-SCP certified. Tons of employee relations, talent development, benefits, payroll, experience! Still growing in comp administration, and enjoying aligning people strategies to organizational goals and objectives.


For those with unlimited PTO policies, what have you done about people who are taking advantage? I know we can decline requests but other than that, how have you addressed that conversation of trending high in time off?