After 1 month of joining Genpact, they are saying the process is not coming for which u were hired nd u'll get the laptop when we'll get any project. Also I was selected for Hyderabad location, now my base location is showing as Gurgaon on gsocial app

What should I do now??

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at



Might be your role for hired would be filled. You will get another.. so relax and be available.
BTW, How many days it took to get offer letter after clearing all interview.

Not sure about project. For location, you can change it through logging a request in helpmate.

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I’ve been auditing a company for SOC2 for three cycles now. I recently saw a job opening that I’m interested in at the client. Would it be inappropriate if I asked the client contact for a referral?


Engagement Managers & Project Leaders: how on earth do you successfully lead on a tough client project?! Difficult enough for ADHDs to execute tasks let alone effectively manage people and synthesis their insights where you benefit the client and impress your colleagues!!


Seeking for tips/advise to break into equity research (ER) - with my profile:

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Additional Experience: 1.5 yr Product Control Analyst @ Citi & 1.5 year Loan Operations

What’s the dumbest thing you ever charged a client for?

Mine was when a client’s Chairman refused to read anything that wasn’t in Helvetica 12. So we had to reformat our presentation (cont’d)


Are we allowed to print off federal computers? Just started working for a fed client. This isn’t PII information but is sensitive in the fact that it is essentially a grid which changes my password every time I log in. Their IT told me to print it but I don’t think they understood that I’m a remote sub. Leadership team is OOO and I have work to do so idk who I could even ask.


Hi guys , had joined in June as a fresher and been doing shadow work since two months. When can I expect my first project? how much time did it take for you to get your first client?


At a tech client with laid back culture. The gym onsite is available for our use. Thoughts on taking an hour around lunch to go workout?


Hi there. I am currently an AM 2 getting paid $28/hr living in the LA, CA area.
I manage client onboarding, QBR’s, reporting, oversee d2d tasks. Simplifying and translating request/Q’ from clients to other depts. Troubleshooting IT, ERP and EDI issues. Have great project management skills. Ensuring metrics are being met and list goes on. Working in the fulfillment industry since 2014, worked my way up in the company. Q is, am I getting lowballed? Ben HI, 401k, 1W PTO 1W SICK w ~$2K yearly bonus


Who’s the worst client in Canada?


Hi Fellow PMs. Would love to get some advice on career next steps. I have approximately 12 years of Project and Event experience, a BFA and PMP certification. What should I go for next? Another PMI certification? MBA? Just curious on what others have done. I just got my PMP cert in Oct 2021. TIA for your advice and likes for DMs. :)


Gig alert: "AKQA San Francisco is looking for over 30 people (client services, project management, and creative) following a series of incredible new business wins..."


Dad got laid off. Drinking got worse. Attempted assault on sis and mom. Had to put up in hotel. No clue on next steps (legal and personal). Project is complete shit show and SM is not getting it. Idk man...


Please share Australian client names of coforge?


Hi all,

Please suggest.
I've 3 yoe in techno-functional domain.
I wish to go into technical (development) profile now, but not as a fresher. I want to continue with 3 yoe.
But the issue is, I have no (dev) project to show in interview as an 3 yoe person.

I've learned Java, springboot, restfulAPIs, kafka, but still hesitant to go for interviews as I do not have projects to discuss.

I shall be very thankful to you if you help me here.
How/where can i go to make projects now to justify 3yoe?

Anyone from Cerner Corporation . Need help with reference for Project Manager


Can anybody help with reference -
Have experience in project from last 3.5 years and finding it very difficult to get good company. 30sepLWD.
I wish to work in .net core and willing to put all possible efforts to learn. Have seen companies asking for ajax, MVC, javascript, API ..i am putting efforts to learn but for now need some good company offer urgently.

Hi fishes , I've joined Deloitte 2.5 months back as FullStack Java developer with 1 year of total IT experience , I'm still on bench and RM is not able to find a project for me yet , I keep mailing her weekly for updates but no luck she just replies with template reply , I'm really frustrated , can someone suggest me anything on this , should I start looking out for options outside


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Hi fishes, can you help me on how much I recieve in-hand per month. This is for tcs. Considering 80c is 1,50,000 @tcs

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Happy Wednesday, all. @Managers, what would you want to see from an employee in your team when they're requesting a pay rise? I guess this is two fold - firstly, how would you distinguish between multiple employees on who should receive a pay rise? And secondly, what can that employee do to make it easier for you to advocate for them to your own management? Thanks in advance for your tips!


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me: how can i help you today?
customer: can you get me a younger wife who talks less?
me: …


Just want to tell all the creatives in here to have fun at your holiday parties this week. You deserve it. You’ve worked your tails off.


Having an issue with direct 401k rollover. I had an after tax portion with old plan and my new 401k plan now does not accept after tax rollovers. The check has already been issued to a state street bank & trust FBO [my name] and I can’t reissue to a new bank. Any tips on deposit this check to an IRA? Can I endorse to another bank even though I’m only FBO on the check?

Dad got laid off. Drinking got worse. Attempted assault on sis and mom. Had to put up in hotel. No clue on next steps (legal and personal). Project is complete shit show and SM is not getting it. Idk man...


EU citizen here considering moving to London before 2021... how is the pre-settled status application process? Can I really apply a day after relocating?


Can someone help in understanding the role and expectation for Associate Principal Engineer in nagarro ?
Also whats the difference b/n Associate Principal Engineer and Associate Principal Consultant ?

What is the likelihood a partner at Deloitte that performs average (for partner) is making 500k all up?


As soon as I make firm friends that genuinely care about me, it’s on to the next engagement. Does a hyper social firm stop you from making meaningful relationships?


Hi fishes,

I have Java, Springboot, Microservices experience of 4.5 years. What should be the pay scale I can expect ?

Current package is 10.5 LPA.

Thank you in advance.


Additional Posts in BPO operation india (Wipro,Mahindra Tech, Ienergizer,HCL Wipro, Teleperfomance and genpact

Can anyone tell me if a person working for genpact 3 months and due to his performance he has resigned with all formality. Can he joined again after two years

Hi Fishes, Please comment your WFH status with the base location and company name.

Mine is @Genpact Bangalore and WFH is still going on.

Hi fishes,

I got a offer of 26lpa(23.5 fixed and 2.5 variable) from genpact and 21 lpa (20 fixed , 1 joining) from epam, not sure which one should I join. Please if someone can advice me which i should join keeping ressession in mind. Thanks in advance


I just completed my degree from IIT Madras. I got offer from genpact but currently i joined one mechanical Could you please share your experience at Genpact and learning and also growth opportunities?. Any suggestions for me before switching ? Because I have to switch from core to IT Genpact

Hello Fishes, Can you please help.

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Hi Everyone,
My Brother, having 11 years of experience in Chartered Accountancy is seeking suitable opportunities to showcase his talent.
He has hands on experience & expertise in following finance related platforms- O2C,P2P,R2R,Revenue assurance,Consolidation,RPA,Pricing,Auditing,FP&A & ensuring Financials intact as per 606/IFRS

If anyone knows any opportunities or any lead or if can refer to any organisation, please do let me know.

Looking for a change. Can someone help
Role- PD
Exp- 4 years
Expertise - Ops, Training, L&D, Superannuation, Shared Services.

Need it on an urgent basis


Hello fishes,

I have a offer from centric consulting , sapient and genpact . How’s the Wlb at Genpact?
CTC is around same for all . Centric is paying a bit more to 25.

For Genpact have to go to office regular where’s centric is WFH.

Where should I join .?

Tech stack : dotnet with angular.


Hi, I had left Genpact a year back. Can I join back now with Assistant Manager or MT position? I have a total of 4.8YOE in BPO Operations, with PGDM ... Genpact

Any WLB and working experience in Genpact Lean Digital team.. please suggest for Genpact work culture and learning...



Job Code

1879282(B2), 2725048 (B3), 2854549 (C1), 1884765 (C2)


B2(3-5 yrs), B3(5-8yrs), C1(8-10yrs) ,C2(10+yrs)

Candidate Requirement

Area of expertise: System verilog, UVM, OVM, CPU verification, IP and SOC level verification.

Job description:

BE/ B.Tech/ Master degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
3+ years of experience in pre-silicon RTL Verification /IP Verification / SOC verification
Strong knowledge of System Verilog and working knowledge

Hello Fishes, My friend has completed M.A English. He has 45 percent marks in HSC. And 50 percent and above in others. Is it possible for him to get jobs in IT offices. If so what are the kind of jobs he can look into?. he is looking for some guidance but i am not sure if its possible. Any leads will be appreciated.

I got offer from Genpact as Lead Consultant for Morgan Stanley project. Technology stack is Java, Database. Exp is 5 years. Could you please tell about WLB and Job Security. Your comments will be appreciated😊🙏Genpact


Hi All,

I have 4.3 years of experience in P2P domain and I got selected in Genpact Uppal branch for Assistant Manager profile and my current profile is Senior Operations Analyst.

So wanted to confirm the hierarchy is totally depends on teams to teams or there is a fixed hierarchy.

Hi guys,

Which companies wait fir 90 days notice period?

I am wanting to change bt its really really difficult bcuz of Notice period.

Pls help

Need Job Referral, Thanks in Advance

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Looking for job opportunity as a fresher for SQL..