{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Agree?\nFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Friday that parents will be given the choice of whether their children follow mask rules in school this fall, challenging federal guidance and local school districts in what critics called an “irresponsible” and “appalling” decision amid a surge of infections.", "post_id": "6107402263a1d600202c01ae", "reply_count": 422, "vote_count": 44, "bowl_id": "5c751b9f2f6b98001bc666f8", "bowl_name": "Teachers", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Agree? Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Friday that parents will be given the choice of whether their children follow mask rules in school this fall, challenging federal guidance and local school districts in what critics called an “irresponsible” and “appalling” decision amid a surge of infections.

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I see it as a dress code thing. In our district, students wear uniforms, which include specific requirements, even in jackets (color, style, hood/no hood). I don't necessarily agree with the rules but I enforce them because they are the rules & it's part of my job. Students & parents are informed of the rules & expected to follow them. Telling people they don't have to follow the rules, regardless if you agree with them or not, creates the inevitable chaos of students & parents arguing with teachers & school staff over enforcing a district rule. That takes time away from instruction & is a battle that doesn't need to be fought. But DeSantis isn't thinking and/or doesn't care about any of that because it's not a fight he'll have to deal with, the classroom teacher will. Like all strict or lenient in policy enforcement, it sets up the teacher to be the one wasting time on a pointless argument when we weren't the ones picking this fight. Aside from my opinions about your politics or politicizing the pandemic & health of my students, as a professional, don't pick fights that you intend for me to fight.


Last year it was a struggle with some students to enforce the mask policy. Making it harder to enforce was how some teachers didn’t follow it themselves. One student said to me, “There are teachers in the hallway every morning standing around talking without their masks on!” 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Schools have always had dress codes, or even uniforms. We can tell students they have to wear close-toed shoes or skirts a certain length, but now we can't tell them they need to wear masks during a pandemic? That only makes sense as a way to score political points, not as a way to provide a safe, consistent environment for educating children.


No. Local school boards don’t really have the choice because he’s threatening to withhold funding.

Agree with the Florida governor.


@North Carolina. Nice calling other teachers idiots. People are entitled to their political opinions and views. Just because they don't agree with yours doesn't mean you have to resort to calling them idiots. That is what is wrong with the far left and right. Of someone doesn't agree with them, they get all "hurt" and start calling everyone names.


I agree with Abbot and DeSantis. If you don’t feel safe wear a mask.


Goodness IF YOU DONT FEEL SAFE, you are not safe whether you feel safe or not. Take feelings out of it and put feeling on the shelf beside where you have put your brain.


Ron DeSantis is a brainless twit.


It really is sad there are so many rude teachers on here. Inwould hate to see how they are teaching (indoctrinating) our kids

Kind of crazy how many people who have been vaccinated are gung ho to mask again in order to keep those who chose not to vaccinate safe. People are capable of making their own informed decisions and should be treated as adults. It's what we ask of our administration and what I wish I was seeing on this forum. Instead, there is so much uncivility and chastising.


Safe from...? We don't have evidence of severe side effects among children, beyond the same level of risk adverse effects from the vaccine may cause.


I will continue to protect myself from the Delta variant by wearing a mask.


After reading this thread it just confirmed I will never travel to Florida and now I can add Iowa to that list. It scares me that these comments come from educators. The virus has changed and will keep changing the more people who get it. If we can stop spreading it then it won’t have the opportunity to mutate. Wear a f*#king mask.


UMS 2… the use of the word in that sentence is not referring to anything you say. It is used as an adjective, and I believe it is out of frustration that CES 9 put that word there. Come on teachers… Let’s try not to analyze this. After thinking about this whole vaccine topic for so long, …(and it’s my opinion I guess) when there is a public health crisis Teachers who value their students, and care about their staff, should make choices that don’t endanger the lives of others. Like I said, I am fully vaccinated, will get my booster Friday, and at least I know I will not endanger anyone unless I catch Covid. We ALL need to make our decisions based on what’s best not just for us, but for all those smiling faces who need us tremendously during this pandemic.


Agree that parents should decide. Our district is optional. I'm not wearing one while teaching and I told my kids that they don't have to wear one.


Covid-DeltaSigma52x-1a will be spreading before we know it…🥸 And people (especially Florida & Texas 🤣) will still refuse to wear their masks.


Just pure stupidity!


Way to lead the way Gov DeSantis! I hope ours will follow!


Not wearing a mask could be a death Santis. (Stolen from Twitter) Shut up about the mask and just wear it. Teach these kids "sacrifice" for the greater good. It's very upsetting to see how many teachers have a warped sense of logic. For an "educated" person to say masks don't help and argue liberty is alarming. It's not about being liberal or blue or red or whatever... It's about common sense. It's an insane argument to make.


So when should we trust the CDC? Only when they toe the party line?


It is a disaster and Florida is a mess to say the least. We will be incredibly lucky if we don’t breed a particularly deadly variant of Covid.


I'm so sorry that you are being put at increased risk due to some political garbage.


I don’t understand the complete panic. My school district with over 40,000 students attended school August through June and we didn’t wear masks the entire time. My experience has been this: Several were exposed and quarantined, (less than 10 in my building of 900) very few had symptoms, few tested positive and no one was hospitalized or died. That’s why I’m very skeptical of what we’re being told. We all have choices, I try to respect everyone’s opinion, even when I disagree, I would just like my choice/opinion to be respected as well.


I think those who think this is a trivial panic reflect the lack of empathy for others. It’s so sad that others’ experiences mean so little to y’all. I caught covid last year at my school in a rural district. I had students test positive. I have students this year testing positive with fewer support than last year. My school has about 10% of our staff out with covid right now. None of the staff who are sick were vaccinated nor wore masks. We have been with students since August 11. Do I think we should panic? Absolutely not. Do I think we should be cautious? Absolutely! Don’t get the vaccine? Fine but wear a mask. How hard is that to do? Is it so difficult if it saves a life? I’m sad to think that I may lose friends this year because they refused to just wear a mask. I nearly lost my first great niece from her mama catching covid a week before going into labor. That poor baby stopped breathing! If my godson hadn’t been a firefighter and in the room at that moment, she’d have probably died. That lovely baby spent 2 weeks in NICU! It was touch and go the whole time. My niece was in and out of the hospital that time as well due to Covid. It’s real and a healthy respect for it’s danger is not panic.


The outcome remains to be determined. Gov DeSantis proved to be far more on target that Blue state leaders, media and the most vocal public health leaders earlier in the pandemic but from here on only time will tell.


Actually this is round 3- he’s FAILING!!!!!


I mean, he hasn’t cared how many people in his state die, why would he start now?


NJHS1- not necessarily true. use projections, look around surrounding states, look at the variant (delta is highly effective at infection). Our numbers were low, but the writing is on the wall. Last week our school district mandated masks for elementary only. We go back on Monday. Yesterday the county mandated masks for ALL - elementary and secondary, staff, visitors, etc

🤨 Florida is the group of unruly kids who sit in the back of the classroom… 🥸and their parents personally know all of the board members.


I agree with the Governor!


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