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how did you apply ? Through Linkedin ?

Around 55k

Thanks @Barclays …so what do you suggest a single earning should have salary, I’m also expecting offer, I have 2 kids younger is 2.5 so not sure if wife can work and 13 years of exp.

I had this opportunity but i rejected due to low offer.

how much you got and in which location ?

Barclays employee here and can confirm compensation for new hires is disappointing. We can’t get anyone in our group because people keep turning down offers. They’re just too low .

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Interested in salary data for TA Managers. Eager to see full comp package not just base to ensure we are being as competitive as possible. Thanks!


Which are the best companies as a dotnet developer (.NET developer)
in terms of:
work life balance


Starting to think the whole market merging in TX means salary bump will look fairly minuscule (S2 @ 75K)


Rate my compensation package:
Role: presales SE
Location: Rhode Island
Base: $130k
TTC: $185k

Wwyd -

Current apartment 2780/month: not moving = no brokers fee, brand new sparkly kitchen with new appliances, two parking spots, spacious bonus room, forced air AC, baseboard heating that costs $400+/month in the winter bc of bad insulation, kind of gross bathrooms with some tiles hard to clean/falling out of the walls, lots of small fixer-upper items like replacing curtain rods where the nails seem to be coming out from their holes, etc.


(Cont in comments)


Hi Sharks, Please choose one company between these interms of WLB, IST shift, leaves, bonus payouts, hike/year, perks and benefits.
Stack : PERN, MERN, AWS, Microservices,
YOE: 7.5,

Nike - 34L Fixed + 15% bonus, Position: SDE III

Maersk - 35L Fixed + 10% Bonus+ 2L as Joining Bonus, Position: JL3(SDE III) (Don't consider only ctc part, if you are choosing one pl tell why...)

@Nike @Maersk


Has anyone worked Corp Dev at a BB or large financial institution. Wonder comp and work life balance for analyst. Have 1 year of IB experience. Likewise, have a super day with 4 MDS, wondering if anything specific should be prepped for the interviews. Thank you!


Recently got a job offer from Wells Fargo wealth & investment management (WIM) starting 60k in Charlotte NC. The position sounds appealing coming out of college but my friends doing the risk program are getting 72k compensation. I feel that the offer is on the low end? Anyone have any thoughts and guidance? What the exit opportunities look like etc!


AWS manager salary?


Thoughts on FDD vs FAAS? (Compensation, hours, interestingness of the work, etc.)


Can anyone here tell me your thoughts on the culture at Crowdstrike, please? Is it safe for Black women?

Also, how does leveling work specifically for Engineering Program Managers? Please share compensation packages for Program Managers there if you’re privy to that info, please? Thanks!


Making hard push to go in-house with a startup, billable work has dried up.

Question: what’s a good salary for VP Mkt & Sales? And commission?


Is 9 LPA right salary for 10 years of experience in UI Designing?

In Nov. I signed a 2yr contract to be a Data Entry Specialist once I started in April they changed the job title to Date Analyst. The salary is based on job title and average for it in my state. How do I go about bringing this up and a salary change to match?


Anyone with salary over 50lakh CTC ??

Please share your experiences and the skills you are expertise in ..


I am 28, 3 years in, and love what i do. Dont like my salary but who doesnt? I am an introvert and am not sure if i will enjoy the sales process as i grow in the firm or contd..


One general doubt what can be a good salary for a ios developer with 7y.o.e

I’m an HR Manager for a small (41 employee) company in Chicago. I make $70,000 a year no bonuses. I’m SHRM-CP and PHR certified with four years experience and a masters in HR. Am I underpaid?


Hey Fishes,

I have been selected as Associate 2 for Management consulting DDV team at PwC AC bangalore office. They are currently offering 14LPA fixed with 12.5% variable.

They have asked me to submit my documents and then they will start the negotiations. Can anyone let me know if this CTC is okay? I feel it is low as per the Management Consulting team. Please advice

YOE 1.1
Currently CTC 6.78


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Looking to specialize in privacy and was considering getting the CIPP/CIPM/CIPT. I already have my CISSP and CISA. Is it worth it?

like - make sure your information wasn't compromised.


Switching from commission to salary-only.

I’m considering a less sales-oriented role (supporting some post-sales). It doesn’t pay commission, ie. will have a higher base but less overall earning potential.

Would you consider this? What reduction in cash should be expected going from a variable to fixed compensation? For example, if you made $200k today, would it be realistic to ask/expect $180k (10% cut) + equity to make up the difference?


I’m a lead data engineer in IT consulting with 4 YOE with advanced certs in Snowflake & Azure. Is $155k base high or low? Most utilized & internally involved at my level.


I should I pursue a MBA after my computer engineering bachelor’s? Would MBA be more beneficial to me vs MS Computer Science? Looking at career growth and salary

I feel like I’m struggling to just hold things together. I just want to crawl into a ball and just let go and stop. This job and even sometimes life just feels so so out of control.


Can someone please help in how to prepare for bar raiser round in Amazon? What kind of questions to expect? Please help anyone on what should be the best strategy to proceed



Currently have an offer, but not my top choice. I want to keep applying and see what other options open up but I'm worried I'm taking to big of a risk by rejecting it. Any thoughts on entry level associate job market? Background: I'm c/o '21, finishing up trial court clerkship, looking in NY metro area, and avoiding ID.


How long does it usually take to go from Junior to Mid-level? I’ve seen some people do it in less than a year and others it took over 4 years. Just wondering what the general rule of thumb is.


I am starting with IVF this month, and would appreciate words of wisdom, resources or experience. Quite nervous and feeling judged by everyone around me. Help a fellow woman please!


Deloitte C and SC bands in finance transformation consulting? Not tech side :)


Anyone else find that male teammates only say “hey, you ok?”, or “you look tired” on the days when you don’t wear as much make up? I’ve had to call out 3 coworkers on this over the past 2 projects..


Missed making my own meals while I was on my business trip.

Post Photo

What would you value most?

1. A morning routine that you actually have time for

2. 15 positice ways to spend your 10 minute work breaks

3. 15 ways to reduce stress in the moment

Working to create another gift to share with you!


Any discount codes for tumi right now? Any idea when the next “promo” is coming? Anyone have a Corp discount?


1.Wipro will give any hike after completing probation period of 6 months??
2. And is there band change will happen after completion of probation period?
I have joined Wipro as fresher certified SAP SD consultant and my current band is TeamRainbow. Wipro has mentioned 6 months probation period on my offer letter


It's becoming more and more clear to me that my company is discriminating upon women and minorities. I don't have a very strong case for discrimination for my personal situation, but I'm becoming increasingly enraged about the systematic practices that I'm observing.

I've opened up an inquiry with HR on one issue (clear disparity in candidate offers b/t women and other underrepresented candidates vs white/Asian cis men), but I'm wondering if there's more I should do. 

Any words of wisdom?


Okay, I need a better couch. I have a “cute” couch from Wayfair that just isn’t comfortable. My boyfriend hates it. We need a good “movie couch”. Will pay up to $1000. Needs to be a sleeper or convertible.

Backstory: I bought it when I was early in my career and had no money. It’s kind of sentimental though as it was the first big purchase I ever made! Regardless, it’s hard as a rock.


I feel like I’m about to be laid off. Any advice? I feel so depressed lol.


Additional Posts in Barclays India

Hi All

Can you please help me by explaining the hierarchy in Barclays India ? What designation one can expect with ~12 YOE on the tech side ? How much do they usually pay for ~12 yoe ? tech stack : BA



How much time Barclays takes to share an offer letter and How much time background verification takes?


Is free one time meal facility for all location or for barclays noida only?


Hi Barclays kharadi people

What games do you play in the office?


Its been more than 2 weeks i had salary discussion with Barclays, still ive not received offer letter. Status in Taleo is 'Interview Process Complete".

Will i get offer letter or not?


Is Barclays in India called as Barclays Global Service Centre Pvt Ltd?


Looking for job change .(Application /production support)
YOE :7+
Some one please refer me


bonus% for BA4?@


Almost a month ago, I applied for an AVP position at Barclays Pune through referral (my husband works here). Does Barclays promote/support partners working in the same company, or is it not allowed?
What are the stages of application statuses? Mine shows job status as active (maybe the position is still open) and application status as Completed.
Does this mean my application is rejected for sure?

Folks how is Wadgaon Sheri for staying getting a flat there.
Can anyone tell me the typical commune time to office, cab service of the company in the area?


Which all main accounts are there in Barclays and which one will be better for Salesforce developer any idea fishes?

Hello Sharks,
HR said she can offer 15 LPA as ASG at
Barclays, what would be the inhand monthly and how much yearly bonus will i receive? Barclays


What is the working model in barclays now adays