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I will also like a referral to accenture


I support you! Hope you get a referral!


If experienced hire DM me. For university hires a bit tricky to go trains referral process unless you have a person in that exact part of the org.


Thank you!!

I'd love an Accenture referral as well! Have my eye on a Talent and Learning Consultant role.


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Hey All,

I have four offers listed below.
1. PwC: 22 fixed +3 lakh variable Role: Senior Consultant in tech consulting
2. Adobe: Fixed 23 + 2.5 lakh variable + 3 lakh joining bonus: Role: Value Consultant
3. Natwest group: fixed 25.5 Fixed Role: BA
4. SHELL: 21 fixed + 3 lakh variable Role: Product Analyst

Please help me choose the company. The parameters I'm looking for are good work life balance and growth opportunities.
Current CTC 18 fixed. YOE is 4 years. MBA from Tier 1 college.


Current care coordinator and full time nursing student looking for a remote healthcare job that pays well and is flexible for students…any suggestions?

Thinking of jumping from print production to any other departments, art buying, digital or broadcast. If I looked at other agencies would my skills transfer and also which role has a higher salary?


Curious about what sort of projects are available in the OCM space at Deloitte. Ready to take on a new role soon and seeing whats out there.

Experience in tech implementations (Salesforce/Workday)
Also worked in automotive, wireless and finserv industries


Hi All,

My interview is ongoing and done with tech round and managerial round and few other managerial rounds are pending

I have 10 years of work experience in the support and position Which I'm giving an interview for L4 Robotics support engineer in India

Current package 20 ,how much fixed package/hike i can look for ?

Any feedback please do share

Hi All Looking For Job Opportunities
Skills: Angular,Node js, Php, Mysql,HTMl,Css,JS tsc
YOE 4.5 yrs
Location Pune


Hey fishes,

What salary can i expect in tcs for system engineer role with 4 years of exp


Been told a promo to M is on hold because "not leading complex enough work"

Meanwhile, before I became the Lead, 2 Senior Managers got fired off the engagement for the exact same role. My tenure in this position is 4x what their tenure was while it lasted, and we've grown in size. LOL


Any idea about this test at Mckinsey for Datascientist position?

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Any job openings for SEO SEM and ppc skills?
How is the market now
Is it good to stay in digital marketing or better to switch technology?
Any suggestions?

Seeking a referral for an open Claims Ops Mgr role with Liberty Mutual Insurance. I have experience in claims ops, design, and leadership!


Has anyone here exited from consulting into a search and evaluation role in industry? Either big pharma or other biotechs. It’s a function I’m interested in, but would love to chat with someone who has more insight. Background is BME PhD approaching 2 YOE in life sciences consulting.


What are some good exit options into corporate roles within Amazon after Pathways? Also at what level is advisable to exit?

There are lot of openings in Northern Trust, Pune. All are tech mostly Java. Looking for senior roles above 14yrs of work exp. Anyone interested ping me.


Any folks in Credits and Incentives know of open Senior positions and interested in giving a referral? Currently Senior level looking to move to another Big 4. Thanks!!


Has anyone interviewed at CVShealt.h on automation testing advisor role? Any insights on what kind of questions asked and experiences ?


Hello All,

Hope we are doing well.

I am in the UAE on a Visit Visa and looking for opportunities here.

Please let me know if we have any references or recommendations you may be able to help with.

My last held designation is Operations Manager - Customer Engagement

I have a total of 13.5 years of experience in Operations and customer services.

I am unemployed since May 18' 2022 and your assistance will be really appreciated.

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What is the salary I can expect from Capgemini for Consultant role.
Done with all rounds, salary discussion is pending.
YOE : 4
Skills : Data visualisation
Current CTC : 7LPA

Anyone kindly guide me from Capgemini / Ex Capgemini , what salary I can ask for?


Have any respiratory therapists found jobs OTHER than being a clinical RT? I want to possibly change careers, but I am finding that a lot of jobs (clinical liason, utilization review, etc) want you to have a nursing degree, not a respiratory degree. I feel like as an RT we are limited to jobs.


DD crew, how did the recent reorg effect your offering?

I always try to be cognizant of and combat my prejudices. I have the hardest time with looking down on people who are out of shape. Any similar experiences and ways to combat this?


As per current industry standard what we should expect Salary as full stack developer with 7 plus years?

What firms are laying off their privacy associates? I’ve seen two mentions of data privacy layoffs just today…


Currently negotiating with Alvarez & Marsal, current Ds and SDs in PEPI, what has been your average total comp over past few years? Any “difficult” years so far when utilization or deal pipeline has been lower than expected?


My first round of interview cleared for Walmart Walmart global tech but HR didn't schedule the 2nd round after 3 weeks, and he mentioned that there is some migration of tools are happening, is this the real reason or something else, Anyone face similar issues is this real or any other reason ?


TCS or Persistent systems?
Yoe : 10
TCS : 23 LPA , Persistent: 28 LPA Tata Consultancy Persistent Systems Limited


Does pwc kolkata retain existing employees by matching offer?

Anyone here heard of Goldfein LLC?

How much should LPNS make in Dr (allergy) office in Texas?


Can anyone help me how can we connect aws open search with linux ec2 instance


Freelance Opp! Bilingual senior CW and senior AD starting ASAP. 360 campaigns. Can be based in NYC, California or Texas. DM your book if interested!

Any great Black Friday deals you’re eyeing? ❤️


Okay, how do you know how much sales tax you owe your state monthly?


Cross posting here - can someone please share the comp range for a tech strategy consultant? Thanks! I am interviewing with 3 yoe and want to ensure I'm not being lowballed


Anyone on here applied for their masters in public health via SOPHAS before? Do your letter of recommendations need to be specific to each school you apply to or do your recommenders submit one letter of Rec for you that is broader since all schools will see the same letter? I’m applying to 4 schools and don’t know if I need to tell them to write four letters one per school


Best Affordable mens jewelry brand? Looking to add some gold/silver chains to my style


Additional Posts in Job Referrals!

Hello, I am in need a Deloitte referral. Please help me


Hello everyone!
I have been looking for new job opportunities for the last few months.
I have network engineering experience but I want to pivot to Python development . I am a citizen who is looking for entry level jobs.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


Hi guys, newbie here. Can you like my post to activate the networking platform? Thank you so much in advance!

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Anyone able to help with a referral at McKinsey?


Any recruiter from Australia in the bowl?

I need some help.

I had 4 interviews with Merck recently. After nearly 3 weeks I haven’t heard a thing. I’ve followed up a couple of times but my last email received no response. I received the workday ‘continue the process form’ to fill out but it’s radio silence now. Have a I been ghosted??


Anyone need a McDermott referral?


Hey! Anyone willing to provide referral at Dropbox, Canada for a Product Communications role? ☕ one me!


Is there anyone who can help me transition from sales to project manager role. I am currently enrolled in Googles PM certificate.


Hi everyone! I’m currently in sales looking to transition into marketing/communications. I need to get some likes to unlock direct messaging. If you don’t mind helping out, that would be great. Trying to use all possible channels to find a new role!


Does anyone know if recruiters know whether. candidates applied and didn’t get a similar job on the same company 6 months before? For context, I applied to a role in a company on a team that matches my skills best, but had applied and went through the final round of interviews for the same company on another similar role in another team (different recruiters) but got rejected. Should I bring it up with my recruiter on the current job interview process?

Have several years of experience in Tax & Audit. Looking to transition to a business consultant role. Located in Atlanta, Ga

Size of company is irrelevant. My main priority is good experience.

Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.


I recently reconnected with my former employer who had terminated my employment without any clear reason about 6 months ago. The CEO and COO still weren’t able to provide any clarification as they hadn’t spoken to my former manager about me. They told me that they had no issues with me personally and “weren’t sure what plans my former manager had for her department”.

I became involved with a similar org since I’ve been unemployed and they suggested that I apply for one of their roles. (cont.)


Hello all! Does anyone know of any Marketing manager or Project Coordinator positions open at their organization right now? I’ve been applying post grad for 3 months and getting desperate. Also interested in entry level consulting.

- MBA from W&M
-8 months of project management and paid media experience
-4 years in biotech as biologist

If you could let me know of an opening I would super appreciate it!

Any Catholic/Christian-based or -aimed companies Looking for a SW Engr w/ 18 years experience? :)


Hi, would anyone working at CDC or Deloitte or Amazon AWS be able to help we with a referral? Thank you☺️


Hello all, looking for Raytheon Technologies referral for Supply Chain department. Help anybody🙏Thanks.


Hey, is anybody looking for a VA (virtual assistant)? I am looking to become one at $20 per hour if so please comment below and i can provide contact info