{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Anyone else good at their job but bad at interviews? Confused because I consistently get rated gold standard, early promo, well liked by teams, but I’ve failed interviews with 20 companies, hit 6 final rounds in the past three months and didn’t get any of the positions. Feedback is always “we like you but you aren’t the right fit.” Just looking to see if this is common, or if I’m just socially inept and need to hire an interview coach or some shit lol", "post_id": "620ea42de1368a002b4e182f", "reply_count": 76, "vote_count": 64, "bowl_id": "5ae4a4f739e7cb001391ec8b", "bowl_name": "Consulting Exit Opportunities", "feed_type": "bowl" }

Anyone else good at their job but bad at interviews? Confused because I consistently get rated gold standard, early promo, well liked by teams, but I’ve failed interviews with 20 companies, hit 6 final rounds in the past three months and didn’t get any of the positions. Feedback is always “we like you but you aren’t the right fit.” Just looking to see if this is common, or if I’m just socially inept and need to hire an interview coach or some shit lol

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Interviewing is a skill that you need to develop and continue working on. Everyone is bad at talking about themselves if they don’t understand what makes a successful interview.

1) You need to cultivate stories and examples that exemplify your work and prepare how you can talk through these stories in an interview. Structure the stories using the STAR method and practice talking through these anecdotes and giving your elevator pitch about yourself.

2) Talk with friends and mentors and get their feedback on how to make your stories more compelling, interesting, and memorable. Schedule mock interviews with people in your network. The more you talk about yourself, the more reassured you will sound and you can cut down on stumbling over your words or using filler ums and uhs (if you struggle with that). Round out your vocab and make sure you have multiple ways to describe a task or skill (making slides vs crafting a presentation vs storytelling vs conveying findings and results)

3) Building your confidence is important but you also need to understand what the hiring manager is looking for. Get a sense of the role, the team, and the profile the employee is seeking by asking a lot of questions to the recruiter and during interviews then adjust the examples you give to be more focused on the subject matter or skills that the particular employer values for that specific role.

4) Send thank you notes to your interviewers and reemphasize your skills that are relevant for the role. Show them you’re passionate about the work and really want the role (even if you might not).

5) When you complete an interview or recruiting process, whether or not you were successful, ask for feedback and try to push for as much detailed feedback as they’ll provide. Did they perceive you as being too green, overqualified, or lacking in a particular area? Review your anecdotes and answers to improve on those points for next time.

6) While it’s shallow, appearance is important. Are you nicely dressed and well groomed during interviews? Check on the dress code for the company and always err on the side of dressing a bit nicer to show people you care. Most interviews have been virtual over the past couple of years so make sure your setting is nice or use a virtual background. Make sure you have nice lighting and clear audio - details matter even if you’re not in person.

Hope this helps! Feel free to DM me if you have any particular questions. I’ve had 3 jobs with 7 YOE and have managed to level up my comp significantly with my jumps.


Yes, its very common.There are two types. Not to stereotype but broadly

1. You are good at selling yourself - typical salesperson. Such people often are horrible at doing any work, either out of laziness, or they just can’t . They can talk their way out of any situation though.

2. You are good at interviews and work, but keep getting rejected. This often happens when you have a lot of knowledge and feel an urge to share. The interviewer loses you or is intimidated by your knowledge and depth of experience. They reject you out of spite, or assuming good intentions, you simply wouldn’t be a good fit to the team. Many working in FAANG dont know the T of Tech. No team wants an outlier! Thats just counter-productive.

Sadly, in our generation, 1. wins, hands down, except in some situations where someone refers you.

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I know people that can’t make a slide or run something to save their life but are amazing at interviews, giving BS talks, hired PR firms to write fake stuff about them and nominate them for XunderX, hired recruiters to talk them up before showing up to the Interview, and made it to CTO of a company too big for them to have any business at by 35. We already live in the metaverse of fake personas and like any MMO not many are dedicated enough to build their characters.


If its not right fit, its not tight fit in terms of what they want. Perhaps they want a BI skilled person and you can write only SQL and create a power bi dashboard. If its a junior role they will just recruit and groom you.But , if they get a person who has worked in BI or specifically an Oracle BI which the company is planning to build then perhaps you are not right fit.

I feel you. People love working with me because I bring calm to chaos and get shit done. I’m working in a role 2 levels above mine. And delivering a major implementation that will affect millions of people. But man am I terrible at selling myself in an interview.


I interviewed at 10+ SDR tech jobs. All denied. I have over 10 years of sales experience in hospitality. The fxing fresh out of college students get the job… wtf ?

I do exec coaching and interview prep - I’ve got an offer after every interview


Feel free to dm me

Not sure how good I am at my job, but I am worse at interviewing. I hate talking about myself and have a hard time summarizing my work history.


I have a question…20 companies is a lot of interviews. Over what course of time? Are you having several interviews in a week? I ask because I’m wondering how much you’re preparing for each interview. Are you studying these companies, their history, culture, hierarchy, etc.? It may not be relevant in your case, but when I’m interviewing someone and they smash me with some juicy, little-known tidbit about my business or industry, it shows me that they did their homework…and that makes me want them to be the right candidate even if other factors are off.


I don’t see how people do it any other way unless it’s necessary for financial reasons. Maybe the takeaway is to always save a slush fund as you’re working in your current job for when you’re ready to make a move.

I’m bad at my job and bad at interviewing


I feel like I’m decent at interviewing. I’ve had 30 interviews in the last 6 weeks and gotten to final rounds for all of them. At the end of the day though the only offers I’ve gotten are from other consulting companies. I’ve been in industry before and was frustrated with the slow rate of change and value I could drive. Maybe it comes through when I interview. But for now it looks like I’m staying in consulting.


Streaming Media, adtech, telecom organic
/ Inorganic growth strategy. Also deep into analytics and product.

I have a sourcing/recruiting background so I do interview preps regularly. Message me if you would like to find a time to connect.


This is ver shallow, but...in my experience, I started converting a lot of interviews into offers once I made sure the lighting and shit was good for video calls, and I looked and dressed my formal best. Kinda boosts self confidence but more importantly, I think it just creates a favourable opinion of you in the interview's mind subconciously.
This might be total BS though🙂


I got a selfie ring light just to have proper lighting in interviews as I interview in different time zones and it’s usually my night.

Same. Is this an EYers thing?



I have also had this issue. Interviewed at 30+ companies but only 1 offer below my YOE and comp target. I think it’s just about finding the right match between what you want to do, what they want you to do, and the experience you bring.


If your are younger the biggest issue I’ve experience with “missed” candidates is individuals who are overly humble or don’t go into detail on their prior experiences. Make sure you record and share information on your prior deliverables to HR and try to relate once you get to the hiring manager interview portion


So … not to be a downer but people hire people that look like them and talk like them. Not being a good “fit “ can be a cultural comment … so you may have missed a bullet . Maybe you are looking in areas that you might not like anyhow.


what do you look like? and are you on video?


Haha i feel like i know P1!!! Is that you, based out of dallas??


Hahaha. You have got to be one of the diaper consultants. Only then can you equate gold standards with interview failures.



What’s your skillset? How are you getting so many interviews?

Surely you’ve made compelling points in your resume / cover letter. Those should transpire into meaningful conversations. Take a xanax or sth if its the jitters!

I have the opposite problem for other reasons.

I work with all those tools and more, but they are enablers to my main role.

Maybe focus on the product development part, and explain how you use the tools/data-driven insights to deliver compelling insights etc.

Don’t want to mislead you- I have very limited info. Feel free to PM me for a virtual coffee etc.

Surely you’re doing something extremely well, and sth else horribly wrong. Find the root cause of the latter, you should have an 80pc conversion rate (assuming absence of bias and factors outside your control)


When it comes to interview, effective communication is very very important, make use of the right words and have a strong background story on exactly what you have worked on. Putting that effectively on your prior experience will get you halfway there..rest is about the technical knowledge, it s all about presenting things which you might or might not know, so well preparation in advance is needed to think of all possible questions and answers which you can give them!

Either that or you are interviewing for roles you think you qualify for but you don’t. Either at YOE or relevant experience?

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Interviewing for a very large group/network.
I’m doing 3 different phone interviews with 3 different positions.

At any point do I let them know this ?

Anyone wanting to prep BCG style cases with me? Looking for serious and motivated folks as I have interviews lined up. In NYC, but open to video casing.

YOE 11.5
Current CTC - 25 fixed, ~3 lakh variable
Tech stack: java, spring boot, hibernate, JPA, oracle, Kubernetes backend developer
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Opinions needed please. I interviewed through final rounds with company A, recruiter keeps in touch and updates regularly. I received an offer from company B and told company A about offer, company A said they would try to get a decision/update before I have to notify Company B. Here’s where I need help: after considering the offer, I plan on declining regardless. Should I tell company A (also preferred choice) that I plan on declining other offer?


If having a final round with the very senior head of a team (at a corporation)- should your questions be focused on: team/role or industry/trends?


Salary range for a Senior Consultant position at Deloitte Analytics? 4.5 years of total work experience based out of Chicago


I’m supposed to fly to Seattle for a job interview next week. They said we can move the interviews to Skype if I feel unsure with the virus. Not sure what to do?


What firms are currently hiring for fully remote? I don’t want to work more than 2150 hrs per year but am glad to work long hours during tax season to have shorter hours during the summer.


Moving from big 4 consulting to an internal consulting role within a investment bank, with no prior FS/Banking experience. Any tips on how to make my move/learning curve as seamless as possible 😅😅😅 anyone with similar experiences and how did you get up to speed ?


I started my current Job about 2 months ago and it gives me extreme anxiety I cried the other day after talking to the director. She was being very rude and it shows how she was basically belittling me. They’re having a hard time hiring a manager so I’m left behind to deal with everything on my own and take up that role as well although I’m not hired to do this its stressful and I’m realizing that’s not the path i’d like to take what should I do ? : (


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Dilemma: Just got a job offer in industry for an internal consulting role in a Fortune 500. I have GSAP but I just don't want to come back and work for Deloitte. MBA was a way out. Do I take the job?


Hey. Any Oracle DBA openings for 5yrs?


Im going to start looking for another role - as work load is crazy- working 12+hrs a day and waiting/ long for the weekend to be able to work to catch up a bit .. would you tell your line manager or go when a new position comes up - also working above my current job title/ 2nd in command so to speak to my manager- all the stress without pay and title


We have opening for Automation tester, Java full stack with springboot, react js.
4 to 8 years.
Early joiners preferred.
Project Location : pune but location is not constraint
DM me if it's matching and willing to join TCS.
Don't ping me if incase you just want one more offer for negotiate.


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Love it when creatives ignore my feedback because they'd "rather hear it from the client" and then the client comes back with the exact same feedback, and now is mad that we presented it to them. 🙄😒


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